Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Bars Have Low Lighting or: To The Paramedic From Nebraska

It's been a while since I've posted a good story for you about a night of bad choices and debauchery  and after all this blog is called Des Moines and the Single Girl, so friends I've got a good Single Girl story for you. 

I started the night off with the best of intentions. I was just going to work on a little art project I'd planned, have a pizza, drink some wine and call it a night. I should not be allowed to drink wine alone; it always leads to wanting to go out. However on this particular Saturday all my friends had prior engagements so that got me thinking, tonight's the night I'm going to go to the bar solo! I did, it wasn't so bad and I will write up a full report on it at a later date. This post is dedicated solely to my poor decision making skills. So while having my martini I decided to see if any friends were downtown. Didn't hear anything so I grabbed a coffee and headed home. Get home, text from my friend saying he was downtown, and another from my old roomie saying she was downtown. Stuff my face with as much of the giant rice crispy treat I bought with my coffee as I can and head back out to Hessen Haus. (Amaaazzzzing German beer hall. If you're in Des Moines you HAVE to go there.) This is how the night started going downhill:

(Image via google)
Two of these bad boys + 4 girls = drunk bad choices. It was seriously everyone's birthday in Des Moines or everyone's last night of freedom (aka bachelor/bachelorette party). Enter the paramedic from Nebraska. I can't remember why he came up and talked to us, although I'm pretty sure he threw out a terrible pick up line and my drunken self laughed in his face about it and then he went back to the bachelor party. His feelings must not have been too hurt cause he came back and I gave him my number (bad choice #1) and then they headed off to another bar and I kissed him (bad choice #2). We met up at another bar, and the list of bad choices goes on, I won't bore you with the details. Although please note the ultimate bad choice did not happen. More like a scratch on the bedpost as opposed to a notch. 

Now we're up to why bars have low lighting. Being alone at the bar allowed me to observe more closely the dynamics of a bar. I started dating D when I was 20 so I never really got to experience the single bar scene in college. It is however the perfect setting for random hook ups. The low lighting + alcohol = everyone's a hottie and you are the king/queen of the dance floor. And by dance I mean Shakira inspired seduction moves. Or the reenactment of a dying trout on land. Add to that mix the inability to hear due to bass so heavy the entire bar is turned into a vibrator, and you've got a total hottie (low lighting) who you seduced with your dance skills (alcohol) who is now whispering sweet nothings in your ear (cannot hear due to loud music; actually generic awful pickup lines). I'd like to tell you since I've got it all figured out I'm immune to it. Sadly even the toughest of us fall victim to it. However, I'm also one to laugh about it the next day and share it with the blogging world, while eating the rest of my gigantic rice crispy treat. Guys, girls, please tell me I'm not alone in this and that everyone makes these unfortunate (although hilarious in hindsight) bad choices once or twice in their lives. I'm saying once or twice just in case this happens again....wait.....this time actually is the twice. I forgot about the guy from AK's. Shit. I give up. At least I have cats right?



Friday, February 25, 2011

Wake Up in the Morning Feeling Like P. Diddy....

Okay that's a total lie. I do love Ke$ha however and often find myself rocking out to her while getting ready for work. Point being, I thought I'd share with you my favorite beauty products that are part of my daily morning routine. I've a huge fan of comparing designer products to drugstore brands. I do not mind paying good money for products that work and I haven't found it's drugstore (cheaper) equivalent. So without further ado, here are my fav products.

First step: Cleanse! I absolutely love this Garnier cleanser, not just for the awesome brush attached. It really does help my skin look fresh and less blotchy. My major skin complaint, not acne, but blotchiness. 

Step 2: Tone! I have been using this C.O. Bigelow toner for....years. Love it. It is amazing the amount of makeup & oiliness it removes that the cleanser doesn't get. 

Step 3: Spot Treat! This Murad Spot Treatment is seriously the BEST spot treatment I've tried. Most of them have just dried up my skin and made it all flaky. This does not do that just helps make everything practically perfect again overnight! What's not to love?

Step 4: Moisturize! I have two that I use, well technically one's a treatment but whatevs. Just started using the C.O. Bigelow triple task eye treatment couple months ago but I am hooked. I am one of those unfortunate souls who is cursed with dark circles regardless how much I sleep. This is a life saver. And is saving me from early crows feet. Wooo! Also I use Neutrogena Visibly Even daily moisturizer for two reasons: Again helps with even skin tone and it contains SPF 30. I am the SPF police and I don't want to look 50 when I turn 30.

There you have it, all that I do to look fabulous. Is there anything out there you love, might work better? I'm always up for trying new products so let me know!



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arm The Animals

The lovely drollgirl posted this today and of course being an animal lover I immediately jumped all over it.

(photo via ata)

As a proud pet parent I try to support any animal organization I can, from having ASPCA checks to adopting as many animals as I can handle. Arm The Animals is partnered with Good Dog Animal Rescue, which holds a special place in my heart as this wonderful little bundle of joy was adopted from them

That's right my little baby Dexty-poo was once in the care of Good Dog Animal Rescue . They are an amazing organization truly dedicated to saving animals and finding them good homes. So if you are an animal lover of just love bad ass animal shirts, please go to the Arm The Animals website and pick one up. Dexty thanks you from the bottom of his adorable little heart :)

Save the Animal Cheers,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Room Re-Org

Hi friends. So there is something you should know about me. I am at any given point in time, in a constant state of :

1.) Drinking coffee
2.) Doing Laundry
3.) Reorganizing my room

I drank my coffee for the day, laundry is in the dryer so I guess it's time to re do my bedroom. I live in an apartment so I can't paint the walls which I both love and hate. See, I haaaattteeee painting. Walls, cabinets pretty much anything but a canvas...and even that gets questionable at times. At first I kinda loved that my walls were sea foam green. I thought it was cute. Cute got old real fast. But I'm learning to live with it, and I went ahead with the grey/black/red/white color scheme I wanted anyway. This was my inspiration.

(image via google)

Obviously I won't have a sweet red wall, but you get the idea. Will my room turn out as cool??? Remains to be seen as I cannot for the life of me pick a new duvet cover. I loooooooveeee this one from Urbain Outfitters, because I love anything with ruffles but it just didn't fit with the overall theme I had in mind. So, the search continues. I promise to post pictures soon once I have more accomplished. This weekend I have some projects planned along with a Papa John's thin crust pizza. I know I'm a party animal. I need a life...or a boyfriend or something..

If any of you know of some awesome duvet selling stores or websites, let me know. I'm desperate. Help a girl out. 

Decorating Cheers,


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dublin vs. London

So I guess I haven't publicly declared which city won. Well  I'm here to tell you the winner is.....

 (Image via google)

The votes were in and Dublin had overwhelming support. Obviously I had the last say, but at the end of the day..Dublin has been in my heart since college and I just couldn't deny it. Haha, almost applies to my last post and well my heart won and Dublin is where I'll be. Guinness wasn't my only motivation, although you'll never hear me admit it (ever in my I do happen to enjoy every once and a while....

(image via google)

I don't really like whiskey in general. However Jameson along with J&B and the Captain were three of the alcohols I used to rotate drinking from my parents liqueur cabinet. Captain was easiest to down mixed with coke, followed by J&B with ginger ale or 7-Up, but the Jameson was my "fancy" drink. I'd get out my moms crystal and pretend like I was super classy. I couldn't drink much of it, but still...there's something about holding a glass of whiskey that brings back fond old memories. So, as you can see Dublin had many things going for it. So sorry all the London supporters, there is always next year. But this November as a bday present to myself I'll be kissing the Blarney Stone and pounding Guinness with the hottest of Irish men. Except the Blarney Stone isn't in Dublin....whatevs. I plan on trying to drive on the wrong side of the road so I guess that's where I'll be driving to. So as I might be kinda drunk from the latest Mug Club party, I'm going to end this now. Before you have to read any terrible "insightful" thoughts I might have at the moment. 

Dublin Cheers!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Head Vs. Heart: Who Wins and How Do You Decide?

(image via we heart it )

I've been working on this post for some time now. Mostly while I'm running, that's when my best thinking happens. It's a topic I've encountered in my now full year as a single girl in various relationships and certain indiscretions. We've all been there before; in the heat of the moment your head is saying one thing and your heart is saying another. How do you decide which one is right? Your head may be screaming at you "idiot! Do not! I repeat DO NOT!" but your heart is saying "Go with it." Sometimes certain qualities a man may possess make us want everything to work out. Like in The Ugly Truth, the Walking Resume. The guy or girl that possesses all the qualities you may have on that checklist in your head. (Let's be honest everyone has that checklist; guy girl doesn't matter we all know what qualities we want in a partner.) When a man (or woman) meets all that criteria it's hard not to just jump right in and think to yourself this is it! How could it not be right? I mean this is your walking checklist. The man or women of your dreams. Your head is telling you to go go go, but your's not there. Because while someone may possess all those qualities you've decided in your head are exactly what you want/need, they are meaningless with out that spark, without that certain look that goes straight though you and makes your heart race.

Then there is the opposite. The person that might meet your criteria or might not, but you know in your head that it's not right, or can't work out for whatever reason. You know maybe they're a Jet and you're a Shark, or it's just a plain old complicated mess. So you convince yourself that it's never going to work, pack up those feelings and push them out of sight out of mind. Until you see them, and they have that look that makes your heart race, and when they kiss you you can't stop yourself because your heart has KO'd your head and there is nothing else but you, them and that passion that brought you together in the first place. Then the next day the cycle starts all over again. Not gonna work out, it's all wrong must forget about it blah blah blah. 

Encountering both in my last year I can honestly say, I don't have a fucking clue. I wish I did, and I really like to think that there is a happy median somewhere. At the end of the day I guess you just have to ask yourself if you're comfortable settling with the walking checklist. Or, are you strong enough to fight for the one that takes your breath away every time?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

6 Confessions

I was inspired by this lady's post of 6 confessions I decided to join the rest of the blogosphere and do my own...finally. I know I've been slacking here lately. 

1.) I am my mothers daughter. I hate admitting it but it's true. My need for organization and cleanliness and extreme need for punctuality....all my mom. And my obsessions with shoes. Thanks mom. 

2.) Despite my need for cleanliness in my home it DOES NOT carry over to my car. It's a disaster. Always has been from the time I got my first car at 16. Sorry everyone. I'm on a plan for recovery. I've watched enough Hoarders I know what to do.

3.) I hate showering & eating. It's so time consuming. I know that's crazy and don't worry I do both daily. Still I wish I didn't have to waste time doing either.

4.) I despise talking on the phone. You may think otherwise from my bedazzled Blackberry, but really I hate it. Unless you have some serious emergency, don't call me. Send me a text. Or an email.

5.) I don't wear diamonds. I'm not a supporter of the industry and stopped wearing all of my diamond jewelry back in 2007. Suck it De Beers.

6.) I hate PDA. Unless I'm wasted. Then I'm a hand holding freak of nature. Otherwise I despise any sort of hugging/cuddling in public. Barf. However, a hug from the right person in private can still make this cynical calculating girl smile like a giddy teen.

And there you have it. I hope you all learned something today. Have a happy Monday folks!



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PTF Syndrome Can Suck It

So today was my first physical therapy session even in my life. I know you were all distraught with worry; don't it turned out just fine. On to the more important stuff like wtf did I do to myself to land in physical therapy? Well, most of you know I am a runner. I love it, I live for it. I however will be the first to admit that I'm not so awesome at mixing up my exercises. I run. I lift weights...kinda sorta. So in my best laymen terms, the muscle tendon thing that goes from my hip to my knee cap that keeps it in place and on track became so weak from never getting worked out that my knee cap is now off track. PTF Syndrome:  Patellofemoral Syndrome, AKA my current worst enemy. I'll be fine it's not like I'll need surgery or anything, and my physical therapist is super pretty and the cousin of a former co-worker so I feel like I"m in good hands.  Oh in other super awesome news, Kate Spade will be here Friday. Get excited. As I said it was on the Europe list and so to give you an idea of what I had in mind I created a little Polyvore for you :)

Welcome to Polyvore!

There you go, if you see a girl wearing these things in Europe this late's probably me.

I'm in the process of redecorating my room and coming up with a cool new hipster/artsy desk writing area. Right now I'm not exactly sure how to go about making my "desk", but I have a super crafty handy friend who I think can help. And hey he just started a blog to document his super crafty-ness! So go check it out now because we're internet friends. And I need help building my sweet new writing table. 

 More Kate Spade Cheers,


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It all pays off....

Just a quick update. I’ve been super busy lately, but it’s been made a-ok by this purchase:

(Kate Spade Nylon Esther. Photo via Google)

Thank you Kate Spade of having a glorious sample sale! I’ve had my eye on this bag ever since planning to go to Europe. No joke, it is written down in my “Things To Get” page. When I saw it in the sample sale I freaked out, ask the bestie. So now I sit here waiting patiently for my new pride and joy to get here. Sorry Coach/Lacoste/Michael Kors/Calvin Klein bags….there is a new top dog around. Oh yeah and I start physical therapy tomorrow for me knee. Booooooo. I’ll update you all on that hopefully tomorrow…if I’m not out running in the nice weather ;) Shhhhhhh.

Kate Spade Cheers,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Daddy

It’s been 4 years today. I can’t believe it; it still feels like yesterday when Mom called so early in the morning to break the news. I should’ve gone home and been there. But I know you would’ve been mad at me for neglecting my studies. So much has happened in four years. I graduated! I wish you could’ve been there, but I know you were still proud of me. I didn’t move back home, I stayed here in Iowa and moved to Des Moines. I built a life here for myself, and I know that it’s because of you and your guidance and support that I am where I am today. I may not have always listened to you (okay you were right should’ve stayed away from musicians) but I always appreciated your unconditional support when I didn’t. You let me make my own mistakes and learn from them, but were always there to pick me back up and keep pushing me forward. There have been times in the last year where I wanted to give up and admit defeat but I thought of you reminding me that this isn’t so bad and that I’m stronger than that. So I did as you had always taught me and kept my head up and carried on, and you know what? It wasn’t so bad and now I couldn’t be happier. Yes, Will and I are still friends. I know you are curious as he was always your favorite. He’s finishing law school this year, and then I think he’s done because unless he’s going for PhD, there is nothing left. (Love you Will) Danielle is married and has a new baby boy! Can you believe it? We’re getting so old; seems like only yesterday we were building forts out of kitchen chairs and blankets.

I miss you and still think of you every day, but don’t worry about me; this little princess is doing just fine on her own. I still have my Birkenstocks…you know the ones you called Jesus cleats. I think I keep them just for that joke.

Love you,


Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day....Bleh

Valentine’s Day is in exactly one week. Please note that it is my most hated holiday. I’m not overly romantic….okay I’m not really a romantic at all which is probably why I’ve always been at odds with February 14th. Don’t get me wrong I love presents. So feel free to give me presents but without the sappy card or anything with hearts on it. These things are acceptable:
(Stella by Stella McCartney)

 (Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses)
(Kenneth Cole swimdress)

These things are absolutely NOT acceptable:

 (Flowers...I killed my first office cactus)
(Candy. If you know me, you know I rarely touch the stuff.)

(Jewelry. I lose it or I break it. Or sometimes I lose it because I broke it. Just don't.)

So there you have it. Now you know what to get the cynical non-romantic girl in your life for V-Day. And me, because again, I like presents. Oh and if you reaaallllllyyy want to get on my good side get me this.

(Mulberry Jessie Clipper Handbag...only $695. And I'm worth it. Righhhttttt????)

Anti-Vday Cheers,
*images via google

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gainesville Rock City

What a weekend! Things got started with a bang with the Less Than Jake concert at People's Court. Last time I saw them it was 2007 so needless to say I was soooooooooo stoked.

(and all the kids on the floor got their skank on )**

Nothing gets me going like a good ska show, and boy was it good. I've loved LTJ for years and have always been a ska kid at heart. And can I just say, I can out skank anyone. Go ahead challenge me. I dare you. And of course with an amazing ska show and braving the pit like a fool comes some injuries. Worst being when I took a flying forearm to the nose. It's a little bruised but it could be worse. Less noticeable than my arm bruises

Ah well. A small price to pay for a night of awesomeness. Luckily I had my favorite little brother from another mother there with me in case some serious shit went down.
(Yay vodka!!!!!)

Saturday was date night and of course it involved sushi. Take me to sushi twice in one week and I'm sold. After glorious sushi we (and by we I mean him because I wasn't even a girl scout) built a fire indoors while it snowed outside and enjoyed probably one to many martinis. I know. Feel free to barf all over my blog from the sweetness. :) 

And that my friends brings us to Super Bowl Sunday. And since I was raised in Bears country (and raised a Packers hater for life) I just have to say GO STEELERS!

Skank and Ska Cheers,


**Less Than Jake Photos via Metromix Des Moines

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh The Weather Outside Is Weather....

So I'm sorry Midwest. I jinxed us. I kept saying "if we make it through January without another blizzard we're in the clear." My apologies. How was I supposed to know that February 1st would bring the worst snowstorm of the season? So here I sit at 8:20 in the morning, in bed in sweats because it's to dangerous to drive to work just yet. Not complaining. I baked some cookies yesterday because thats what you do when it snows. You bake. So I got to enjoy some milk and cookies for breakfast while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so all in all not a terrible morning. 

While that is the fun news, I have some tragic news: my wellies broke. Probably my own fault for not taking them off properly and always stepping on the heel to get them off....then the heel broke. And I passed up a pair of adorable white Hunter's on a recent Gilt sale because I was like I don't neeeeddd these I already have some wellies. Sigh. Now I'm wellie-less and we just had a huge snow storm. Mother Nature hates me. I did find my camera though, so now you don't need to donate a camera to me, just donate these to me. That would be great.

Well I suppose it's time to start the journey to work. I saw a snow plow drive by so I guess that means civilization as we know it is still around and that means work. While February 1st brought about doom in the Midwest, it also kicked off this little lady's Birthmonth so stop over and wish her a happy birthmonth!

Snowmageddon 2011 Cheers,



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