Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Reflective Post....Oh Yeah and My One and Only Is Coming To Town.

Wow it's been a long time since I've been on here. So sorry blogosphere, I've been neglecting you. In all honestly I've been crazy busy with life and traveling quite a bit lately. Anyway, I noticed that in this little blog o' mine I went from Negative Nancy to rainbows and unicorns in the blink of an eye, with basically no explanation. So here I am to reflect on that. D and I broke up in February but it wasn't until the end of June that I reached the point where I couldn't keep it together anymore and be happy and had a drunken public breakdown. Which was bound to happen. Anyways, point being, said breakdown took place about 4.5 months after the breakup, but post breakdown depression only lasted really about a month. This might seem like a short time to some after you know, building a life together and 4.5 years of dating. So how did I do it? What brought me out of my Sally Sadpants (yes I love alliteration if you hadn't noticed) phase? Truth be told....I'm not sure really. Part of it is my somewhat existential philosophy on life. I believe that no one can make you happy until you make yourself happy. Sure I was sad, D was a huge part of my life, the biggest really, but he was not my entire life. I love who I am, what I've accomplished and what I have. And just because he decided that he didn't want to share a life together anymore didn't mean that what I have, and my accomplishments meant any less.
So in the end, I suppose I told myself to man up, remember all the great things I have in my life; job, education, super awesome friends. Remembering that made me realize that I have absolutely no reason to be depressed. My life is still as great as it's always been just a little different. D's not my bf anymore, but still a friend and I know he's still got my back if need be. Which is good cause he's a big dude.
So speaking of super awesome friends, my one and only Will is coming to see me! Will is one of my oldest and bestest friends. This glorious friendship began back in 2001 when we were partnered up in drama class in high school at the young age of 17 for me and 18 for Will. We only had about 8 months of still living in the same vicinity, but somehow we made those 8 months count because while Will was away at Iowa for college and I was still in my senior year we stayed bff's. Then we lived in the same state for 3 years but 2 hours apart. (Him at Iowa and me at ISU) Then he went off to grad school and law school back in Illinois, so now we've been back to being in different states for 4 years and still.....bff's. I am beyond pumped for his visit and the shenannigans I know are ahead. Look out Des Moines!


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