Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dublin vs. London

So I guess I haven't publicly declared which city won. Well  I'm here to tell you the winner is.....

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The votes were in and Dublin had overwhelming support. Obviously I had the last say, but at the end of the day..Dublin has been in my heart since college and I just couldn't deny it. Haha, almost applies to my last post and well my heart won and Dublin is where I'll be. Guinness wasn't my only motivation, although you'll never hear me admit it (ever in my life....except....now) I do happen to enjoy every once and a while....

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I don't really like whiskey in general. However Jameson along with J&B and the Captain were three of the alcohols I used to rotate drinking from my parents liqueur cabinet. Captain was easiest to down mixed with coke, followed by J&B with ginger ale or 7-Up, but the Jameson was my "fancy" drink. I'd get out my moms crystal and pretend like I was super classy. I couldn't drink much of it, but still...there's something about holding a glass of whiskey that brings back fond old memories. So, as you can see Dublin had many things going for it. So sorry all the London supporters, there is always next year. But this November as a bday present to myself I'll be kissing the Blarney Stone and pounding Guinness with the hottest of Irish men. Except the Blarney Stone isn't in Dublin....whatevs. I plan on trying to drive on the wrong side of the road so I guess that's where I'll be driving to. So as I might be kinda drunk from the latest Mug Club party, I'm going to end this now. Before you have to read any terrible "insightful" thoughts I might have at the moment. 

Dublin Cheers!



  1. ooh ooh how fun! i hope to visit ireland soon...so glad you get to do it for the both of us ;)

  2. three cheers for dublin! you will have a blast!

    and whiskey is so beautiful and so classy (at least it is in the BOTTLE), BUT DAMN IS IT EVER HARSH GOING DOWN. i really can't handle it. but for some reason i can handle tequila. random thought for the day. sorry!

  3. haha, this was really funny to read! ah, i hope to go to dublin ooonnneee day.. i have family in Ireland and they've been to ny to visit me, but i haven't gone to visit them.. very unfamily like if you ask me. should probably go soon! :)


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