30 before 30

Things I want to do before turning 30 on Christmas Day 2014

Go to Dublin
Learn to drive stick...again
Road trip to the mountains
Hike a mountain
Go camping. Like for real camping. No I never have.
Run the Dam to Dam
Learn ballroom dance
Learn to knit something other than a scarf
Learn to golf...well.
Get another tattoo....finally
Learn Spanish (Grandparents will be so proud)
Sky Dive (This may or may not actually happen. I'm terrified, but it just seems like such a freeing experience)
See Mount Rushmore
Bake a souffle
Fall in love
Pick up drawing again
Learn to sew
Be brave enough to look out the observation deck of Sears Tower
Run a marathon
Run the Pikes Peak Ascent
Go to the Miss America pageant
Go to London
Snorkeling in the ocean...successfully this time
Become a "morning runner"
Attend High Tea
Learn to like tea
Attend Fashion Week in New York
Own a Burberry handbag
Visit Harajuku Station


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