Sunday, December 9, 2012

Urban Polar Explorers League

Finally. We got some snow. Boy did we get some snow. Which Drew and I couldn't be happier about because we both love the snow and the activities it brings. Our new favorite is that of snowshoeing. So for those of you interested in polar exploration, here is a little info on the gear I use and love when I set off on a snow adventure. First up the base-ics.

If you're going to be outdoors in the winter a good base layer is a must. Drew prefers wool base layers I'm a fan of  polypro because it is 1.) Cheaper and 2.) not itchy and I think dries quicker. To each is own though, just invest in a base layer. These actually serve double duty as this is my cold weather running gear. If I get more serious about winter camping and such, I'll invest in different base layers, but for now this works. And don't forget your socks! Liner socks are a must and don't they look hot?

Next up some mid layers, and word to the wise if you've got great base layers that keep you dry and toasty you DO NOT need a mid layer when it's 30+ degrees. If we had actually been out on the trails I might have been in trouble as I was overheating and when I took my down coat off, my fleece got wet and then I got cold which is NOT good. Learn from my mistakes here. 

Wearing: Columbia Omni-Heat half zip (SUPER warm)
This isn't mine exactly but it's basically the same thing

Also in that picture are my snow pants which aren't really a mid layer but an outer. Don't ask why I only wore a mid layer on top. (Dumb) Also I love my snow pants. They're from Patagonia and are da bomb. 

Next up on the super important list is making sure your feet stay dry and warm. Nothing puts a damper on your polar exploration like cold wet and turning frostbitten feet. So you saw the hotness that is the poly blend liners and on top of those I wear my Smart Wool socks. 

You don't have to buy Smart Wool specifically, but definitely invest in some good quality wool socks. My friend Mountain Man Mike likes Darn Tough socks, if you're looking to compare another brand. Sock situation settled you need BOOTS.

Like legit boots, not Uggs. (barf) Mine are Columbia and I heart them. They're warm and comfortable and most importantly water proof. Well warm and comfortable are important too. 

Last but certainly not least, are the accessories. 

Yes two sets of gloves. Kind of like two sets of socks. The black ones on the left are gloves that I use for winter running. They are moisture wicking and makes for a great base layer glove. The silver gloves on the right are my outer water proof gloves by Columbia (surprise) and under neath is my favorite pink fleece hat by Columbia (surprise again) This leads us to our final piece of polar exploration gear which is...the coat.

This photo is from last year. Sorry. But you get the drift. That is my beloved pink down coat by you guessed it...Columbia. And Mike thought I was obsessed with The North Face. Anyways this coat is amazing it's very light weight but very warm, which made my mid layer stupid and unnecessary and made me very very hot. If you have an awesome down coat and a great base layer that is all you need if it's at freezing or just slightly below. Trust. Also that coat is from the kids section. Don't hate, kids can go polar exploring too. 

So there you have it, my long and Columbia filled Urban Polar Exploration gear guide. Anyone else out there snowshoe or do any winter hiking? What gear do you love?



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This might sound mad but...

I want to run another marathon next year. Yes you heard me correctly another marathon. As much as I bitched about training for it...I actually miss it. For the last 2 months I've woken up everyday...not hurting. It's  weird. Yes I know it should be weird to wake up everyday hurting but I can't explain it. I've been hitting the gym but it's not the same. Call me a masochist I guess, but I love that feeling of every muscle in your body and every force in the universe telling you to quit at mile 16 of 18 and powering through. Running is more of a mental game than a physical one for me and I just can't get the same thing out of the gym. I sound like someone on crack. Hello my name is Marisa and I'm an addict.

My only hesitation is, as I'm sure you haven't forgotten, I'm getting married next year. I want to run the Minneapolis marathon which is June 2nd so in all reality it shouldn't be a problem. What I'm afraid of is injury. I can't afford to be injured. I won't have time for it. Also it is a very big time commitment and I don't want to half ass my training, but I also don't want half ass my wedding either. I need to make a decision and fast because I will need to start training beginning of February if I do decide to do it. 

My other option is to do 2 half marathons instead of a full. The Minneapolis Half in June and then the Twin Cities Half in October. Honestly I don't know what to do. I really really want to do the full in June but I'm thinking it might be selfish to devote so much time to training again and leave Drew to deal with the wedding for 5 months all on his own. 

Thoughts? Anyone else run a marathon before their wedding? 

Speaking of weddings....MY DRESS IS HERE!!!! I go pick it up next Thursday :)



Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm calling myself out

Remember that one time I said "hey I have a desk now so obviously I'm going to sit at it and write super awesome posts again." Then I didn't. I have no excuses why I didn't I just didn't. Probably because I had nothing super awesome to write about. Apparently I thought my desk would make my life exciting and so cool I would be bursting with awesome posts to write. Anyways, my last couple of posts have been all wedding related and I REFUSE to let this become a wedding blog. 

So! Maybe some of you have noticed but it is now December which means that it is BIRTHMAS TIME!!! The most wonderful time of the year! Which means I can go back to posting pictures of things I want and hoping that someone (Drew) gets a hint. Or two. My birthday is Christmas day after all. First up:

I need a new wallet yo. I already got myself a new Kate Spade bag for my birthday ( I needed it stop with the side eye.) so I desperately need a replacement wallet for Ole Green thats been around for like 5 years. Yeesh. 


Our honeymoon (if we're able to take one right after the wedding) will be backpacking in Glacier National Park for a week. This is really just a necessity. 

If I have to tell you why I need want these then clearly we aren't friends.

There you go folks, Birthmas wish list 2013. What would you add?




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