Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Sushi Is The Best Sushi

Sometimes I go out with the intention of a nice quiet evening. However it rarely happens as things escalate and my nice quiet evening turns into dinner with the bestie, 5 random guys and a lot of drinks. So, the bestie and I had a dinner date Friday night at Sakari because we were both craving some sushi. The place was paaaccckkeed when we got there but we were not discouraged as we really wanted some GD sushi. 25 minutes later however extreme hunger was setting in (and extreme thirst) and we were just about to walk out when this table of guys asked if we'd like to join them. As we love making new friends, and were extremely hungry, we took them up on their kind offer. It was fun, one of the guys looked like Jason Statham, and many saki bombs and saki shots were had. How was the sushi free you ask? Well those nice guys paid for our dinner and drinks. Isn't Des Moines fabulous? 

I knew after dinner that my quiet night was over and figured might as well go all out. So we met up with some friends of ours downtown, more drinking and shots were had, I believe some dancing, and all around fun. Then I had to work on Saturday. Booooo.

While my Friday night was not quiet like I planned, Saturday was even though I had planned on it not being. I got my craft on and worked on some projects I've had in mind for a while.  (Please bear with my blackberry camera is missing. If you find it or would like to donate a new one to me, email me.)

So, this is what my wall behind my bed looked like before. I had some wall art up there but it was just so bleh. So with the help of these supplies.

(Canvas, brushes and acrylic paints)

I was able to create this.

Not sure how I feel about the smaller canvases, but I'll deal with it for now. I bought those on a whim without any real worked out plans for them.

How was everyone elses weekend? I can't believe January is over, and we're on to February. Which means spring is just around the corner. So excited for spring shopping, and not having to wear tights with skirts and dresses. Oh and and open toed shoes. Verrry excited for open toed shoes. Have a good Monday everyone!



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not The Kind Of Girl....

That goes to a bar alone. But sometimes, I feel like going out and having a drink and believe it or not sometimes my friends aren't all that interested in sitting around soaking up my awesomeness and don't want to join. So every once and a while I contemplate just going to the bar for a martini on my own. But then I think, will I look pathetic sitting there all by myself, like I'm looking to pick up a guy? You see it all the time in the movies and on tv...perhaps I've watched to much Sex and the City and fancy myself Carrie Bradshaw. I refuse to think though that just because I don't live in New York or L.A. that I can't go out and enjoy a drink by myself if I want to. But then I fear becoming a regular. I prefer anonymity, keeping my distance. Perhaps that is a quality I should work on...Regardless internets, bear witness I'm going to do it. 

As I wrote that last sentence about 10 minutes lapsed as I watched Sex and the City, and then I chickened out. No joke. I can't get over the fact that what if I run into someone I know? Or worse yet, what if I run into someone I may or may not have drunkenly made out with in whatever bar I'm at in some point in time? (Has happened before when I was out with the bestie. Luckily he was drunk and she recognized him and disaster was avoided) However, I've also never been the kind of girl to care what other people think and rarely get embarrassed. I suppose stay tuned readers and see if I follow through....I'll take words of encouragement.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Decisions....

Okay, so I've got a dilemma. You know how I was raving about London and how I was so excited to go? Welllll now I am starting to think about Dublin. I've always wanted to go to Ireland, I was hoping to study abroad there in college. Plus.....Irish boys, annnndddd

I loooooovveee me some Guinness. Guinness + Irish Men= Awesomeness. So now what to do? London....or Dublin? I think it's time I got my research on, and start making some lists and checking them twice. (What my birthday is Christmas Day?) I welcome any opinions on which I should choose; past experiences, a preference between Irish men or know. Anything that might help me along ;) Thanks kiddos!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mug Clubs & Diva Cups

Tonight I did it. I really did it. Joined the Court Ave. Brewing Company Mug Club! Not sure what all it entails, but I got a sweet mug and get pretty cheap delicious beers. They only have a few left for purchase so I recommend you get down there ASAP and get your own mug! Then we can meet up for beers. K? Except not if you use Diva Cups....then we can't be friends. If you don't know what one is don't ask. Ignorance is bliss on this one trust me. So, I don't think I mentioned (except in my brief rant of a post prior) but this past weekend I ventured home via Amtrak. It was my first experience and while it wasn't fantastic, it wasn't horrible either. The trip home was the worst as I needed to catch a Metra train out of Chicago to the burbs. However, the Amtrak train was 50 minutes late so that put quite a bit of extra strain on this lady busting her butt through the streets of Chicago from one train station to the next. Dear tourists in Chicago: Don't stand at intersections staring up and being in the way. It annoys the rest of us...because you make us almost miss our trains. The enjoyable things being listening to a vagabond named Alejandro ( who oddly enough was a white dude with long dreadlocks) talk about his many journeys and discuss moral relativity with some kids from Jersey/Philly.

All in all, it was a hectic weekend, but I got some good shopping in. Then I got sick. Booooooo. Still fighting it off. On that note, time to rest up in a Nyquil induced coma. I leave you with this sweet origami frog I made at work.

Mug Club Cheers,


P. S. Super Hugggeeeee Congrats to our new Miss America Teresa Scanlan! She was absolutely fantastic!

(Photo via Miss America)

She's already off on her crazy whirlwind year of service and you can follow her here. Midwest is the best!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogging my heart out

Readers that have been here a while know, that this is my outlet. When I'm at my saddest I let it out. But now I'm angry and I need to let it out. That and I have a 2.5 hour wait for my train and it's cold and snowy in the city so no Chicago shopping for this kid right now. And I feel like I'm about to boil over so I found some wifi and and am just going to get it out. I'm hurt and sad and angry. Hurt because I was promised we'd always be best friends. No matter what. Angry because then I got shut out. Ex-communicated, treated like an undesirable. Sad because I lost one of the best friends I ever had. That hurt more than anything. Seriously, more than anything. I feel defeated because I tried and was just shot down and shut out every time when all I wanted was your friendship. I am happy for you, I want you to have a happy long life, just as I hope you want the same for me. There really isn't a lot else to say. This isn't magically going to get better overnight. I've put myself out there only to get rejected and hurt one too many times to just forgive and forget. If it's important to you like it is to me, we'll work through it somehow. If not, then I wish you all the best.

P.S. I miss my dogs more than anything in the world.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year/Merry Christmas!

So once again laptop issues. Or so I thought. I don't want to talk about it, it's too embarrassing. Anyway, my birthday has come and passed (the big 26...yes on Christmas Day!) and I have to say it was one of my best ever! I am so lucky to have such amazing friends that take me out to lunch and go to the bar with me on my birthday. Which I know is the norm for almost everyone in the world, but my birthday is on Christmas. So getting to spend my birthday (re: NOT Christmas) with my friends is so amazing. I wish I had pictures to share, but I don't. Big thanks to everyone who came out. I love you. No really, I do.

I also had a big New Years post planned, you know the relfection on 2010 and resolutions and all that jazz. But it's a little late for that so here is a summary:

* 2010 was a really rough year.

* In 2010 I learned just how incredible my friends truly are.

* I learned married guys don't always wear wedding rings....or mention wives

* I learned that it's okay to live life for myself.

There you have it. I don't really make New Years resolutions, nothing finite like lose 20lbs by June. Not that I want/need to lose 20lbs. Just an example. Anyway, for 2011 I have simply decided to just live. Thats all. Take every opportunity to try everything I can, explore everywhere I can (Hello England!), and just take in everything I can. Pretty sure that's a New Years resolution I can stick too. Oh speaking of New Years, on NYE the ladies and I had a glorious lunch (Royal Mile, best fish and chips around!) and saw Black Swan. SUCH a good movie. Especially being a ballet lover. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis where amazing and I totally want to see it again.

All right kiddos, I'm out. Promise to be around more. Now that phantom laptop problems aren't holding me back. Until next time I leave you with some pics of my low key, best New Years Eve ever party, hosted by my awesome friend/co-worker Mike.

(Yeah it's illegal and I did it. What what?!?!?!?)

( I love and hate this picture because Jeff looks better than me )

(Mike, our host, looking like Seth Rogan in Zach and Miri Make A Porno)

( Everyone had fun and it was nothing but love)

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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