Monday, February 21, 2011

Head Vs. Heart: Who Wins and How Do You Decide?

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I've been working on this post for some time now. Mostly while I'm running, that's when my best thinking happens. It's a topic I've encountered in my now full year as a single girl in various relationships and certain indiscretions. We've all been there before; in the heat of the moment your head is saying one thing and your heart is saying another. How do you decide which one is right? Your head may be screaming at you "idiot! Do not! I repeat DO NOT!" but your heart is saying "Go with it." Sometimes certain qualities a man may possess make us want everything to work out. Like in The Ugly Truth, the Walking Resume. The guy or girl that possesses all the qualities you may have on that checklist in your head. (Let's be honest everyone has that checklist; guy girl doesn't matter we all know what qualities we want in a partner.) When a man (or woman) meets all that criteria it's hard not to just jump right in and think to yourself this is it! How could it not be right? I mean this is your walking checklist. The man or women of your dreams. Your head is telling you to go go go, but your's not there. Because while someone may possess all those qualities you've decided in your head are exactly what you want/need, they are meaningless with out that spark, without that certain look that goes straight though you and makes your heart race.

Then there is the opposite. The person that might meet your criteria or might not, but you know in your head that it's not right, or can't work out for whatever reason. You know maybe they're a Jet and you're a Shark, or it's just a plain old complicated mess. So you convince yourself that it's never going to work, pack up those feelings and push them out of sight out of mind. Until you see them, and they have that look that makes your heart race, and when they kiss you you can't stop yourself because your heart has KO'd your head and there is nothing else but you, them and that passion that brought you together in the first place. Then the next day the cycle starts all over again. Not gonna work out, it's all wrong must forget about it blah blah blah. 

Encountering both in my last year I can honestly say, I don't have a fucking clue. I wish I did, and I really like to think that there is a happy median somewhere. At the end of the day I guess you just have to ask yourself if you're comfortable settling with the walking checklist. Or, are you strong enough to fight for the one that takes your breath away every time?

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