Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It all pays off....

Just a quick update. I’ve been super busy lately, but it’s been made a-ok by this purchase:

(Kate Spade Nylon Esther. Photo via Google)

Thank you Kate Spade of having a glorious sample sale! I’ve had my eye on this bag ever since planning to go to Europe. No joke, it is written down in my “Things To Get” page. When I saw it in the sample sale I freaked out, ask the bestie. So now I sit here waiting patiently for my new pride and joy to get here. Sorry Coach/Lacoste/Michael Kors/Calvin Klein bags….there is a new top dog around. Oh yeah and I start physical therapy tomorrow for me knee. Booooooo. I’ll update you all on that hopefully tomorrow…if I’m not out running in the nice weather ;) Shhhhhhh.

Kate Spade Cheers,


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