Thursday, October 25, 2012

317 Days

Honestly it feels like 17 days. I think this is the real reason I wanted to elope and not have a big wedding. Details. Ohhhh the never ending details. What if I pick the wrong centerpiece? What if Drew doesn't decide to give monogrammed Brooks Brothers umbrellas as groomsman gifts like JFK? What if my hair looks more Elizabeth Taylor than Jackie Kennedy? Will people care if they don't get to blow bubbles at us? Should I just get some god damn bubbles?

I know, not everything is going to go perfectly. But that doesn't stop me from losing sleep at night worrying about bridesmaid dresses, or bouquets and bridal party gifts and what kind of suits the boys should wear.


In other news we finally got my ring sized. You know like 3 months later. Turns out I have the tiniest of fingers. Ring size = 4. Thats right 4. Like the size most peoples fingers were when they were 10. Oh well.

I'm hoping to be able to use my mom's wedding band as my own providing they can seperate it from her engagement ring. It's already a size 4. So I guess that explains where I get my small fingered-ness from. Oddly enough of all the details I obssess over the wedding jewlery is not one of them. I could care less. I'd actually rather not wear an engagement ring, it's clunky and obnoxious. Everyone was all "oh I never used to wear jewlery but I don't even notice my engagement ring anymore", well guess what people I still notice and it still drives me nuts. I take it off as soon as I get home and on weekends I often leave the house without it. Not wearing a ring does not make me not engaged. I wish the exchanging of goats or something was still popular. I love goats and would love to have one.

In other news...

My dress is still not here and that makes me sad. Yes it's been less than a week since I ordered it. I still want it here now.

317 days to go.



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saying Yes To The Dress

Yesterday was the day. Yesterday was the day I went to get my dress. My wedding dress. I have never been so excited for anything in my life. Honestly I never planned my wedding growing up so I never had a plan or vision in my head from the start, but once we decided to go ahead with a non-elopement and a full wedding my Type A-ness took over and plan, vision was locked down. The vision for my dress: Jackie Kennedy. 

Having done pageants in high school and college, I've worn a wide array of dresses. Spaghetti straps, halters, strapless, sweatheart necklines, and a-lines, mermaid, sheaths and fit and flare cuts. So the only dress that said "bridal" to me was a ball gown. I wanted a simple classic elegant ball gown in organza, tulle, or chiffon. Something that would look light and airy for an outdoor wedding. No laceup back, no pickups, no ruching, and very little bling or appliques. Again, the motto of the day was "think like Jackie O!"

Lucky for me my consultant at The Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul was awesome and also a lover of Jackie and ball gowns. She also did not mind my I know what I want just bring me only these things attitude. I know on Say Yes To The Dress girls go in wanting one thing and ending up with something they thought they didn't want. I am not that girl. 

Drew's mom and my friend Andrea came along and took tons of pictures for me. I tried on some really great dresses with only one dress I just didn't like, and here they are.

This was the first dress I tried and I obviously loved the shape. I did love the skirt too, I really love textured bottoms, but it didn't fit my "what would Jackie do" theme. 

I really loved this dress, it fit perfectly off the rack and it was just beautiful. The skirt was tulle and had beading and appliques similar to those on the skirt of Kate Middleton's dress. However, while beautiful and a ball gown, it still wan't my Jakie O vision. The next dress.....this was the only dress that I just didn't like.

The bodice...not bad. A little more bling than I wanted but it was pretty and classic at least. But that skirt. Ughhhhh that skirt. The tulle would just not lay flat at all. I just envisioned my poor bridesmaids trying to corral it at our outdoor ceremony every time I moved or a little breeze blew. Not a fan. 

Then we tried on my dress. Well not quite my dress as it was the entirely wrong fabric (taffeta. the HORROR) but the neckline was perfect the overall silhouette was perfect, then we added a birdcage hair piece and everyone was sold. I knew it from the moment I saw it on the website that it was the one for me and it was true. It has been ordered and will be arriving in 4-6 months :)

A big thank you to my mom who generously gave me a budget of $1500 for my dress. However, I luckily got my dream dress at a dream price only spending about 1/3 of the budget! Which is good because I just can't imagine spending $1500 on a dress I'm going to only wear once, even if it is my big day. 

So another big thing checked off my list! I'm so excited I can't wait for it to get here. Why does it have to take soooooo long? 

Wedding Cheers,


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marathon Recap

Well it came and went. I didn't die, and more importantly I finished. I've been talking about running a marathon for YEARS and now I finally have. To be honest it still hasn't sunk in. I kind of feel like I just went out for a long run on Sunday, NBD, nothing to see here. However, my body is a constant reminder that indeed it was no ordinary long run on Sunday but a marathon. Here's how it went down.

(Be advised this is LONG)


Got up rather lazily and putzed around the house for a while, then went into cleaning mode as Jeni was arriving that afternoon. Once she got here we hit up Mall of America for lunch and some shopping. I bought my first pair of sweat pants in about 5 years. This may have been a bad choice.

That night Drew made us all dinner and I angrily pounded on my laptop cursing Spotify, iTunes and all other MP3 technology for being so complicated that NO ONE (me) can understand it. Finally got the little shuffle programmed and charged, watched some tv, took my hippie magic sleeping pills (valerian root) and was asleep by 10pm.


Up on my own at 5:10am ready to rock and even ahead of my alarm. I slept like a rock for a solid 7 hours and I was sooooo grateful I did. First things first, grabbed my water bottle and a Clif Bar. I hopped in the shower which probably seems odd but it helped wake me up even more and get moving. Regretfully I did not have a checklist written out and as a result I forgot one major thing that morning: body glide. I will never ever ever go to sleep without writting out a morning checklist again.

Besides that little slip up, I was fueled, caffinated and bundled up ready to head to The Dome at 7am. Starting temperature: 28 degrees. So you might say it was a bit chilly. I refused to run in anything but my shorts though. It was all I had trained in and the idea of switching up my gear even the week of gave me panic attacks. I opted for a very light weight, moisture wicking long sleeve shirt though so you know that basically kept me toasty warm.

So! After handing off my sweats and saying my goodbyes I headed to my corral with my adrenaline pumping, which did actually keep me quite warm.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you but I get super emotional when I run races. If I don't cry at least once on the course something is wrong. I wasted no time then at the starting line as I was starting with the soldier in his fatigues, boots and all, full pack carrying the flag. I might be sniffling right now too.

Finally it was our corral's turn to go and we were off. I honestly felt great, maybe because the enormity of what I was embarking on hadn't quite hit me yet. Either way I made it out of the city with ease and continued on my merry way enjoying all of the clever signs people had. My favorite being around mile 10 or 11. It said "Don't stop. People are watching".

At mile 9.5 I had to go to the bathroom and sadly so did a lot of other people. I lost a lot of time there but my alternative was peeing my pants so I opted for the lost time. During this time the soldier had caught up to me so we conmenced with tears on the marathon course part 2. I managed to sqeak out a "good job, sir." as I passed then scurried off so no one could hear my sniffling....again.


(me about to raise the roof at the halfway point)

Before I knew it I was at the half way point and was feeling fantastic. I couldn't believe it. Drew, Jeni and his parents were there to cheer me on and at that point I was like wow. I'm actually going to finish this thing. If you had asked me 2 weeks ago if I was going to finish the marathon, I would have said no. I felt in no way prepared for it. But here I was, half way done and not defeated!

Things got a little boring after that, but I was then on my own turf where I had run 5 million times over the summer and knew the course really well. Also at mile 16 there were bananas. They were glorious. Then at mile 18.5 a little girl was handing out homemade chocolate chip cookies. That little girl was my savior.

At mile 19.5 my little cheering crowd was there again and I couldn't believe I was about to hit the 20 mile mark. I had run 20 miles and was still going.

When I hit mile 22 though, the marathon bitch slapped me into last Tuesday. I physically felt the toll the previous 22 miles took on my body and good lord was I hurting. My IT band especially and my feet because of my idiocy. (No body glide) Not gonna lie the last 4.2 miles were tough. Incredibely tough, basically the hardest thing I've ever demanded of myself. I'd already gone 22 miles and needed to go another 4.2 and my body was all hellllll nahhhh.

But I did. I kept going. I don't even know how. I did have to walk almost a mile while I choked down an energy gel. I knew I needed it but man was it hard to force down. When I hit mile 24.5, Eye of the Tiger was on repeat and there was no looking back.

The beautiful thing about the Twin Cities course is that the last half mile is downhill. And you get this amazing view of the capital and the finish line. When I came over that hill to see that, commence tears on the marathon course part 3.

I think I ran faster? Maybe I didn't but it felt like I was running my heart out to get across the finish line. Stomping on those chip timing mats felt so amazing, like I"M HERE I FINISHED!!!! I was a wreck at that point trying to navigate my way through the finish tunnel through my tears, when a volunteer saw me, put his arm around me and said "congratulations, this is an amazing accomplishment." I lost my shit then. Just found a little grassy area sat down to stretch and eat my banana between sobs.

While I am super proud that I finished, I know I could have done better. I slacked a lot in the last month of training which I know hurt me. It's hard to know what to expect if you've never run a marathon before, even if you read all the information that is out there the distance is just not something you can comprehend until you do it. Now that I have done one, I undestand the distance, I understand what it demands and I respect it. I know I said I wouldn't do another marathon again, but I will. I know I will. Despite the pain and the exhaustion and the mental beat down it was absolutely amazing. I want to try again and I want to do better.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Almost Here....

I can't believe I just went on my second to last training run. It's so crazy, I feel like I've been training forevveerrrr. However, I am really excited for the marathon. I don't care about a goal time, or a goal pace or anything like that. I've never been a fast runner and most likely never will be. I'm okay with that. I like running  because, well....I just do. I find it relaxing, I get a lot of thinking done and it's great exercise. I'm competitive by nature, Type A and all that, but running was my non competitive thing. Something I just did for me. I lost that this summer training for the marathon. I know so many other people training for marathons and other races and I started to feel like if I wasn't as fast as them, then somehow I was less of a runner. That my race wouldn't be as important because I ran it slower. Like oh you didn't run a 4 hour marathon....thats not a real marathon then.

Which I know is ridic.

Finally this week (better late than never) I realized that, if my running for fun without caring about getting faster or setting a PR or going further would get me kicked out of the cool "serious" runner's club, well that is just fine with me. I'll party it up at the kids table. Because you know how many people don't run marathons? A lot more than do. I'm in the group that does. So that in and of itself is pretty damn awesome. And that is why I am so pumped to run on Sunday. 

With that I will leave you with an engagement pic taken yesterday by Drew's brother.

I call it, inspired by 007.

Marathon Cheers,



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