Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Room Re-Org

Hi friends. So there is something you should know about me. I am at any given point in time, in a constant state of :

1.) Drinking coffee
2.) Doing Laundry
3.) Reorganizing my room

I drank my coffee for the day, laundry is in the dryer so I guess it's time to re do my bedroom. I live in an apartment so I can't paint the walls which I both love and hate. See, I haaaattteeee painting. Walls, cabinets pretty much anything but a canvas...and even that gets questionable at times. At first I kinda loved that my walls were sea foam green. I thought it was cute. Cute got old real fast. But I'm learning to live with it, and I went ahead with the grey/black/red/white color scheme I wanted anyway. This was my inspiration.

(image via google)

Obviously I won't have a sweet red wall, but you get the idea. Will my room turn out as cool??? Remains to be seen as I cannot for the life of me pick a new duvet cover. I loooooooveeee this one from Urbain Outfitters, because I love anything with ruffles but it just didn't fit with the overall theme I had in mind. So, the search continues. I promise to post pictures soon once I have more accomplished. This weekend I have some projects planned along with a Papa John's thin crust pizza. I know I'm a party animal. I need a life...or a boyfriend or something..

If any of you know of some awesome duvet selling stores or websites, let me know. I'm desperate. Help a girl out. 

Decorating Cheers,


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