Thursday, March 31, 2011

Think Spring

A lot of you ladies out there have been posting about what you're coveting for spring so since I have no awesome stories for you, I'll share my spring wish list with you. Starting with shoes, of course. Believe it or not but right now I am in loooooveee with flats. That's right flats. I know I can hardly believe it myself. They just look so fun and carefree that I want to get a new shoe rack and devote it just to flats. Here's a few that I'm obsessing over.

(Mia Espadrille flat)

I can picture these with many a spring/summer dress for running around town, casual lunch dates drinking beers on patios with friends...the list goes on!

I love Lacoste. One of my favorite brands. I love the preppiness and the colorfulness of it. I also happen to be a huge fan of deck shoes. These would be my meet the girls at the country club (that we don't actually belong to) for lunch and cocktails by the pool. In my adorable pink polo with pearls. Yeah...I can see it now. 

I think I'm late to the party on the flat oxfords but I reaaalllly want a pair. Again I see these with cute skirts and dresses or paired with skinny jeans when I feel like busting out my inner hipster style. And last but certainly not least......

I want these because 1.) I love Converse. Usually high tops but I'm digging these low tops. 2.) I love glitter.

There you have it. Anyone have any of these shoes? Love? Hate? What else do you pair them with? I admit I"m lacking in the creativity department this spring so I welcome all input!

Have a happy Friday everyone!



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8 Weeks

8 more loonnngggg weeks until vacation. Suck. I'm so ready for some new scenery. It's been 2 months since I've gone anywhere and it feels more like 2 years. My life currently revolves around work and working out which is not cool. Not cool at all. I wish I had something more super awesome fun for you to read, but I'm afraid my life is a black hole of lameness. In 8 weeks however I will be:

1.) Eating Late Night Snack at Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop
2.) Hiking up a mountain.
3.) Enjoying a tour of the MillerCoors brewery
4.) Not working
5.) and seeing my long lost 5th grade love. I guess that can make the list. He's pretty cool :)

So as thats about all that I can muster up at this time. Please enjoy this picture of my cats as a cop out.

Their faces accurately describe my current attitude. 



Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting Down On Friday...

Okay sorry, but that Rebecca Black song is on like constant play in my head. Don't ask questions. Just feel sorry for me. Anyway, I wish I had some awesomeness planned, but after last weekends many adventures I'm taking it easy. Like my idea of getting down on Friday include:

Running and pilates....if only I was in that awesome of shape.

Finishing up this absolutely amazing book. I highly recommend it. Although I admit, it's having the total opposite effect on me. It's making me want to climb Everest. Not scaring me away from it. Last thing I'm enjoying this Friday evening:

Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches!!! I love mint ice cream it is my favorite!

Have a good weekend everyone, whether you are partying or laying low like me!
Oh and I will be laying low listening to (and dreaming about) these hot Brits.

 (Mumford & Sons)

British and a banjo? Yes please.

Alright kids I'm out!



*All images via Google

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Spring!

This is what Iowa Spring is like. Either this:


Plus this blaring from all corners of the state

Equals this:

Welcome to Iowa Spring. Two tornado touchdowns and snow Friday. Come visit!

Tornado Survival Cheers,


Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Funday!!!!!!

Well I must say I had a pretty awesome weekend, despite it's terrible start. Why such a terrible start you ask? Well let me tell you.

I'm a huge music fan. HUGE. I love concerts and I also love love love going to local shows and supporting local bands and venues. Des Moines had a new venue open up which is always exciting when the local music scene expands just a little further. My friends and I had planned on checking out 504 Club a few weeks ago but that "spring" snow storm made the group decide to postpone heading downtown much to the disappointment of our friend John. Sorry kiddo, majority rules. Anyway Friday night we decided we were really going to do it and scope it out. We hit up Shorty's on Court Ave first where I spilled my beer fumbling with my cash. This is why I never use it. It only leads to paying $3.50 for 5/8 of a Miller Lite. Still fun times were had and then we moved on to the East Village where I finally go to experience Quinton's and I must say I enjoyed it. $4 giant margaritas always gets a thumbs up from me. That brings us to the 504 Club and the downfall of the night. We walk in and there is a guy sitting there presumably to check id's/ take cover. The bestie and her boyfriend walked in followed by me and then John. Nobody could hear and we just kept walking and he didn't stop us so we were just like alright whatevs. Fast forward a half hour later 1 beer in and the door guy comes up to our whole group to get cover. From me and John. Just us. Not the two others he clearly saw come in with us. Just us. Needless to say I was beyond pissed and I don't foresee myself going back to 504 Club until they get their shit together. Not cool 504 Club. Not cool at all.

Saturday night we had a fun time at a wine tasting party hosted by my friend in the old college town and ate too much glorious food and drank some delicious fancy wine. Also I got to watch her wedding dvd where I was a bridesmaid. A very drunk bridesmaid. But at least a fun one right?????

That brings us to Sunday Funday!!!!!!!!!!! Even the city light posts wanted me to have a happy day!

It was a extremely nice day in Des Moines Sunday so the bestie and I ventured out to Flanagans for some tasty brunch. After inhaling our french toast and pancakes, we sipped our coffee wondering what to do the rest of the day. We decided since we both needed new reading material to head to the library since it wasn't to far away. Got there to realize it wasn't open until 1. So we kept on walking and found ourselves in the East Village where we passed this.

I don't care if I looked like a crazy on the street telling a building that I hate it. I do. It made me feel better. 

On a cooler block we were verry pleased to find that your favorite East Village shop was open. Eden!

We could spend houuuurs in this store. Sometimes we do. Eden carries Kiehl's, Molton Brown, Caldrea, L'Occitane and many other fabulous products. The bestie got a new perfume. I got some Caldrea counter top cleaner refill and an Iowa present for my Colorado friend.

Back to the library we went where I picked up some books on mountain hiking and mountain hiking disasters 

After all that walking (6 miles so far!) my stomach was telling me it was time for lunch. We headed out of downtown and back to our hood and stopped for a late lunch at Red China Bistro where I had the best Miso ever!

(my red curry vegetable turnover....soooooo good)

(the besties spring roll salad)

All in all we walked almost 8 miles, shopped around Des Moines, ate some amazing food and had the best impromptu Sunday Funday ever!!!!!!

How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully just as fun filled! 



P.S. I leave you with this terrible pic of a whirlpool I saw in the Des Moines River

Friday, March 18, 2011

Longs Peak

So my vacation/adventure in May involves hiking a mountain. Longs Peak to be exact, at least that is the plan for now. I've never hiked a mountain, before. Actually I've never been in the mountains before. The highest elevation I've ever been at is the elevation of Broomfield, CO plus 10 floors up in my room at the Omni (which by the way I loooooovvveee. I fully intend on eating brunch there. ) So needless to say I"m excited/scared and more importantly I'm exhausted. Because apparently you can't just be like, I'm going to climb a 14,259ft mountain today! (The summit of Longs Peak) It's hard work, it can be dangerous, and you have to be prepared. So my preparations started last weekend with the purchase of my pack and boots and hiking at Ledges State Park in Madrid Iowa. It may come as a surprise to you, but I'm no outdoorsman....outdoorswoman. I have a North Face jacket and I thought that gave me some outdoors cred. Turns out The North Face is the brand preferred by people who don't spend a lot of time outdoors. Sads for me. So I tried to branch out, ask the advice of real outdoor people on packs and boots to see if I could at least look legit while stumbling up a mountain and wishing for sea level grade oxygen. Turns out, I'm just a yuppy at heart.

To my defense, I tried various other packs, but I kept coming back to this one as it was most comfortable and met my requirements and I didn't get it in pink. I'm trying to look like a serious mountain hiker here. As far as boots go, I tried many different ones too, at a local outdoorsy place, Sports Authority, Scheels and finally ended up at Bass Pro Shops where I met a nice guy who broke my heart when he informed me the Columbia boots I had my heart set on were not sturdy enough for Colorado mountain hiking. I can't hate him though, as he ran back and forth many times getting a zillion different pairs of boots for me and finally helped me pick them.  

(sorry, crappy BlackBerry pic taken at the store.)

I finally settled on these Mountrek boots as they were super comfortable and again met the requirements. Apparently. I wanted the pretty Columbia ones :( I also picked up a pair of SmartWool hiking socks. I am in love.

So I've got the gear, now I've just been working my ass off to get in shape for this little expedition. I don't do things half assed and I reallllly want to get to the summit. Although I am fully aware that 1. weather will be a determining factor 2. I have absolutely zero high altitude experience and oh yeah have never actually been on a mountain before. and 3. The scramble to the summit is one of the most difficult of the Colorado fourteeners. Wikipedia told me so. So don't worry Mike I will accept the limitations as they come but that doesn't mean I'm going to set the bar low.

So stay tuned as I continue to prepare for my trip. Only 9 weeks left!

Mountain Man Cheers!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm A Winner!!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been busy preparing for my adventure in May and daylight savings has kicked my butt. Anyways, about the title...I actually won something. Like a giveaway! I'm sooooo excited! A big thank you to Kayla at Ramblings of a Small Town Girl for hosting the giveaway and thanks to Kelly at The Pretty Bee (visit her Etsy shop here ) for giving away one of her beautiful pieces...that is now mine!

This lovely little ring is all mine just in time for spring. Yes the weather here in Des Moines is finally turning around. ( Pleeaassee don't do anything to jinx us)

So thank you once again ladies, I can't tell you how happy I am!

I have some good posts in mind but alas you'll have to wait just a little bit longer as I'm still working on them. These 5am workouts + daylight savings have me in bed super early these days. Which is where I"m headed right now. So stayed tuned for all things mountain hiking, a follow up to my skin care routine and mayyybeee a peak inside my closet.  Hope every one has a very green and happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!



Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Letter To My Friends

Well it's been 1 year and 1 month since the world as I knew it stopped. If you've been a reader for a while you've seen the progression from that first day to now. I've refrained from doing a whole introspective who am I, what is the meaning of life kind of post. This isn't really that kind of a post, more just a thank you. Thank you to all my friends. I never knew how amazing all of you are until I was at my very worst and you still wanted to be friends with me. I never even knew how close of friends I was with some of you until you were there for me without even asking. I can't tell you how much it's meant to me although I hope that you know. I've done a complete 180 with my life, going from the grounded settled down girl you all knew to a somewhat free spirited girl who travels at the drop of a hat. When I started my 30 before 30 page I admit that I was worried that I'd never accomplish it in 4 years, but because of all of you I'm already crossing things off of it. I'm going to hike a mountain, learn ballroom dance, see Mount Rushmore (fingers crossed!) and run the Dam to Dam. Never in a million years did I think maybe a month after making the list that I'd be able to cross 4 things off of it! I couldn't have done it without you as some of these things requires a partner, knowledge and hospitality, and above all your constant love and support. So thank you everyone, I love all of you. Also lets go on an adventure soon :)

(my favorite ladies)

(best picture ever)

(You know its a good night when you pass out in your dress with the best mans coat for a blanket )

(Bring back the beard)

( we win at being besties for life)

Love you all!



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pecha Kucha Night!!! Oh and Cat Litter

Okay quickly I just have to be the crazy cat lady and give a shout out to this new cat litter I've been using:

(image via google)

It has seriously changed my life. It's amazing. If you have more than one cat go buy it. That is all. You're welcome Tidy Cats.

So the first part of the title probably has you going say what? Okay first things first it's pronounced "pechacha" and it's Japanese for chit chat. Learn more about it here I'd probably do a horrible job of explaining it anyway. This was my second PKN (pecha kucha night) as my first involved my office bestie presenting on his Appalachian Trail hike from last summer. It really is a great time, you learn lots of interesting things as different people have many different interests and passions and I highly recommend you see if your city hosts a PKN and go! One guy did a presentation on his hike of the Continental Divide which got me even more excited to head to Colorado in May. I also snagged this postcard from Laura who did a presentation about saving the post office one piece of snail mail at a time:

Well now Z gets a little preview of the lovely postcard that is coming his way. I actually love snail mail. I just like writing things in actual ink. It's fun. So send someone you know a postcard. Heck send me one! Email me and I'll give you my address. I <3 mail. All I ever get is junk. Except for today. Today was a day of great joy as my precious finally arrived. I give you.......:

No More Waity, Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no more waity me! I cannot wait to get a manicure this weekend with my soon-to-be royal inspired nail polish. Yes I'm a Kate Middleton obsess-er. I hope we can still be friends. I just love her style, so very British and just plain old lovely. Sigh.....

Anyway what a random day this has been. Anyone have any big weekend plans? I've got zero but I'm kind of looking forward to a quiet weekend. I always say that then things happen and then you get to read about them here. So I guess stay tuned and I hope I don't disappoint come Sunday afternoon...
Pecha Kucha Cheers!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Is Almost Here!

Apparently this is what almost spring looks like in Des Moines :

Don't act like you're not jealous. 

In other news the bestie and I ventured out to a new establishment tonight. See a very cool local cover band, The Snacks were shooting their very first music video at Fat Tony's. We'd never been, we like The Snacks so we ventured out. Let's just say it wasn't our scene...and they don't take debit cards which is always a downer for us as we never carry cash. But! We did get to be in a scene for the music video so, hopefully we make the final cut and look awesome :) If both of those things occur I'll post it when it's available. Anyway, it's late, it's snowing and I"m ready for Spring. 



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!

Tomorrow is Casimir Pulaski Day!. Okay I know every single one of you is like who the eff is Casimir Pulaski?  So go here  to learn more about it. Anyways in honor of my old traditions from the home state, I made some delish Polish foods and threw a party in his honor. 


So awesome times were had by all. And by all I mean me cause I may or or may not be drinking vodka right now. Who cares, it's Casimir Pulaski Day tomorrow and I don't have to work!!

In other exciting news in May I'll be going to visit this super awesome guy...

Before you get all awwwww he's super cute, please note that there is some bad blood between Z and I. See once upon a time in 1995, I had a mega crush on Z. Like gonna get married I know exactly what I want at 11 how could he be so stupid to not see the love laser beams between us kind of crush. Well turns out he was so stupid; he didn't want to be my boyfriend. I was crushed devastated beyond all hope....for like 2 days or something. I was 11 for Pete's sake. Still, every b-day I wish Z a "happy birthday love of my life who wouldn't go out with me in the 5th grade". It never gets old. At least for me. Point of the story being I'm going to go party with Z in Colorado in May and it's going to be awesomely good times. Probably better than the McDonalds/Library dates I had planned in 5th grade. He's going to read this now and at first be super embarrassed for himself and then for me for admitting McDonalds/Library dates. Whatever.

How was everyone elses weekends? Full of awesomeness I assume. Don't forget Casimir Pulaski tomorrow and try to eat something Polish!

Na zdrowie!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Running Playlist and Why I Keep The Windows Up When I Sing In The Car

Just out of curiosity do any of you HAVE to have an iPod when you run or workout? I am like Pavlov's dog and cannot run without my iPod. I'm conditioned to run faster and farther with music. Most likely it's all in my head but I just find it easier to run while rocking the f out. So I thought I'd share with you my current top 10 running songs:

1.) Everything I Own (Vanessa Hudgens from the movie Bandslam)
2.) Born This Way (Lady Gaga.....duh)
3.) More (Usher)
4.) P.I.M.P (50 Cent)
5.) Waka Waka (Shakira)
6.) The Distance (Cake)
7.) Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)
8.) Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Jay-Z)
9.) Freak The Freak Out (Victoria Justice)
10.) Sugar In Your Gas Tank (Less Than Jake)

You are right now either 1.) Laughing 2.) Staring blankly at your monitor or C.) Breathing a sigh of relief that someone else listens to extremely random music like you. Trust me the rest of the playlist is just as crazy. Anyway on to a story that never dies and ties into my random love of gangster rap. 

Once upon a time when I was just a college junior who had not a care in the world, would drive around windows down singing loud and proud inviting everyone in cars around me to soak up my awesomeness. So one warm July day, I've got my windows down and I'm rapping my little Caucasian girl heart out when I stop at a red light. Now what I'm about to tell you is key: I was rapping Kanye West's "Gold Digger". Yeah Kanye. West. Gold. Digger. So here I am rapping in my car thinking I'm a baller when I look out my window and see this attractive African American guy laugh his ass off. At me. Not just at me but at me rapping. I would've given anything for non power windows that day because I promise you I would've had them cranked up in 5 seconds. I have never been so mortified in my life. This picture accurately describes how I felt:

(Holllaaaaa if you're a Wangsta like me)

And that friends is why I now never ever ever ever sing with my windows rolled down. I don't care if it's freaking something people would expect me to be singing in my car like, Jewel or Sarah McClaughlin (which might actually be just as embarrassing.....) the windows stay up. Anyone else have an embarrassing car singing story????

Gangsta Cheers,


*Image via google

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Are What You Eat

My friend and and Maegan over at love Maegan brought on the inspiration for this post. I probably should have put this in my six confessions but I am a vegetarian. Have been for a few years now. Which obviously means I'm super healthy right? Well....almost. My Dad was a diabetic so we grew up with very very very little sugar in our diet, which explains why it's something I never crave. My Mom is also just a healthy person in general so we never ate anything like Hamburger Helper or frozen pizzas or Hot Pockets. (I lived for going to my friends houses for these.) Every meal was homemade no sugar added, no salt added and had to be eaten at the dinner table. (TV was not an option.) So I guess I have my parents to thank for preventing me from getting used to quick out of a box meals and sugary snacks. I also have been blessed with "good genes". Meaning my metabolism, apparently, is just naturally faster than most people. Obviously I've noticed it starting to slow in my old age ;) However, "diet" is not a word that has ever come into my life. I love being organized and planning everything to a fault but I've never been this way with food. I've tried a couple times keeping track of what I ate, but it became to tedious and at the end of the day I didn't really care. I don't set calorie goals because I don't like going "over" them and then feeling bad because I ate too much broccoli that day. That is ridiculous. I make healthy decisions and food is merely fuel for my body to do all the fun things in life I want to do, whether that is going for a long run or partying to the wee hours of the morning with my friends. 

As far as exercise goes I live for running. I always thought everyone was the same, and they experienced the amazing endorphin rush I get when I run, but apparently that is not so. If you're one of those people that is like wtf is this girl talking about? Let me explain. When I run after about the first mile, I get a rush of endorphins and it feels amazing: the runners high. Nothing hurts, nothing can stop me and most importantly nothing can bother me. For however long I am running I am completely free of everything that is bothering me or nagging me. I suppose once again I'm lucky; the one thing that brings me inner peace is also great exercise. Also runners get to eat a lot of carbs, and boy do I looooooveeeee carbs. 

So there you have it folks, my philosophy on diet and exercise. Which isn't much of a philosophy, more just do what works for you. I'll never be the girl who constantly denies herself foods that she wants; if I want to eat a bag of chips, you bet I'm eating a bag of chips. Even though I love running and would run everyday, I will also never be the girl to pass up spending time making memories with my friends for a workout. If I did where would you read about ridiculous antics of Midwestern girls?

Healthy Happy Cheers,



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