Saturday, July 3, 2010

The First Night

Well friends as I write this I am sitting in my room at my new apartment. The first night wasn't to bad. As I said the bestie came over, a little wine and SATC always makes things better :) Anyway sleeping the first night in the apartment wasn't so bad, until 4:30 am....when the cats decided to freak out. The roomie has a cat and we haven't introduced the cats yet. I want mine to just get used to the place before throwing another cat into the mix. Anyway, for whatever reason they just started freaking out then I couldn't get back to sleep as it was dawn and the birds were chirping and my bed is up against my windows. Ah well.

So now for my good story I promised. Last week was a particularly rough week for me. D has a new girlfriend and I had to find that out via facebook, and then was asked if I could be moved out by friday (yesterday). Needless to say I've never been more sad/angry/depressed/scared/dejected in my whole life. That weekend D's sister and husband invited me up to hang out with them in the old college town and I was pretty excited to just get out of the house and go out partying. Things were going well had dinner and hit up the bars. Then talk of D and I's break up came up and I went to being a Debbie Downer. Thinking the night was over for me, we made one quick stop back at a bar where E (D's sister) knows the owner. There I met this guy who is in a Beatle's cover band and tours the country doing that and is also a songwriter out of Washington State. We hit it off and E and her husband asked if he'd like to go back to their place with us for some Mario Kart wii and a night cap. He tags along, tells us how unglamourous being a songwriter actually is and seems like an all around cool guy. (And hot) Cutting to the chase. Play some Mario, E and her husband are happy I found a cool guy and I offer to take him back to his hotel. Probably don't need to go into detail there. I'm sure you can figure out what happened. Anyway, the next morning we realized he had left his vest at E's house so I took it home and of course got on Facebook to see if I could find this guy, because I'm a creepy stalker like that. Anyway search his name and location find his profile. Friend request with a message saying that I have his vest and can send it back. My mistake was not perusing his profile first. After I friend requested him I looked over his profile......and discovered he was married. MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And accodrding to facebook married for 4 years! I stared at my laptop in disbelief. I had hooked up with a married guy. Now please keep in mind he had no wedding ring on, and I even asked about girlfriends and he said it was too hard being on the road all the time. So two lessons learned, facebooking one night stands is not a good thing. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Two: I think I'm done with musicians for a while. Never seems to end well for me. Well this is probably the first of many great stories as I chronical my single life. So I guess look forward to more adventures!

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