Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gainesville Rock City

What a weekend! Things got started with a bang with the Less Than Jake concert at People's Court. Last time I saw them it was 2007 so needless to say I was soooooooooo stoked.

(and all the kids on the floor got their skank on )**

Nothing gets me going like a good ska show, and boy was it good. I've loved LTJ for years and have always been a ska kid at heart. And can I just say, I can out skank anyone. Go ahead challenge me. I dare you. And of course with an amazing ska show and braving the pit like a fool comes some injuries. Worst being when I took a flying forearm to the nose. It's a little bruised but it could be worse. Less noticeable than my arm bruises

Ah well. A small price to pay for a night of awesomeness. Luckily I had my favorite little brother from another mother there with me in case some serious shit went down.
(Yay vodka!!!!!)

Saturday was date night and of course it involved sushi. Take me to sushi twice in one week and I'm sold. After glorious sushi we (and by we I mean him because I wasn't even a girl scout) built a fire indoors while it snowed outside and enjoyed probably one to many martinis. I know. Feel free to barf all over my blog from the sweetness. :) 

And that my friends brings us to Super Bowl Sunday. And since I was raised in Bears country (and raised a Packers hater for life) I just have to say GO STEELERS!

Skank and Ska Cheers,


**Less Than Jake Photos via Metromix Des Moines

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  1. Looks like a killer weekend. I totally agree with the Yay Vodka by the way!

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