Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Daddy

It’s been 4 years today. I can’t believe it; it still feels like yesterday when Mom called so early in the morning to break the news. I should’ve gone home and been there. But I know you would’ve been mad at me for neglecting my studies. So much has happened in four years. I graduated! I wish you could’ve been there, but I know you were still proud of me. I didn’t move back home, I stayed here in Iowa and moved to Des Moines. I built a life here for myself, and I know that it’s because of you and your guidance and support that I am where I am today. I may not have always listened to you (okay you were right should’ve stayed away from musicians) but I always appreciated your unconditional support when I didn’t. You let me make my own mistakes and learn from them, but were always there to pick me back up and keep pushing me forward. There have been times in the last year where I wanted to give up and admit defeat but I thought of you reminding me that this isn’t so bad and that I’m stronger than that. So I did as you had always taught me and kept my head up and carried on, and you know what? It wasn’t so bad and now I couldn’t be happier. Yes, Will and I are still friends. I know you are curious as he was always your favorite. He’s finishing law school this year, and then I think he’s done because unless he’s going for PhD, there is nothing left. (Love you Will) Danielle is married and has a new baby boy! Can you believe it? We’re getting so old; seems like only yesterday we were building forts out of kitchen chairs and blankets.

I miss you and still think of you every day, but don’t worry about me; this little princess is doing just fine on her own. I still have my Birkenstocks…you know the ones you called Jesus cleats. I think I keep them just for that joke.

Love you,



  1. don't you wish they write back...

    beautiful letter sweetie. he's gotta be proud.

  2. I can't believe it's been 4 years, we are old. le sigh.

    I'm sure he's very proud of you, you do after all have a job, social skills, and prospects beyond living in your parent's basement with my pathetic excuse for a sister


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