Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clare & Miles Mills Rose Garden

Today I finally did it. It's on the 30 Before 30 but I've been super hesitant to do it. I used to draw all the time in high school and before that. I also used to write. All the time. Many many many short stories. The two traded on and off but after freshman year writing took over and drawing fell by the wayside. Until now. I picked up a sketch book and pencils today after work and went to one of my most favorite places in Des Moines: the rose garden. 

Not to many flowers in bloom yet, but I got some pics of some.
(Orange Roses: give them if you want to express desire and enthusiasm...use cautiously ;)

(Give pink if you want to show appreciation. I expect a bundle at my office tomorrow.)

(Give Red if you want to show...a variety of things. Love, respect, congratulations...)

Anyways to get back to the point, I decided to come here and start drawing again. There are some interesting things here that have always caught my eye.
( The famous egg)

(And my favorite place to read and write)

Obviously I'm no where near as good as I was back in the day, but it's something that I've always enjoyed and I am going to keep at it. Obviously I don't expect to become an artist and start selling my work like my girl Sarah, but I hope to improve in my own right. So! Cross one more off the 30 Before 30. Only 3.5 years left to complete it!



Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Year Ago

Just over a year ago I wrote this post . Kind of crazy that just 360 some odd days ago I was in that place. Scared of my new apartment, scared of being on my own. Scared of life in general. I was so convinced that the world was going to come crashing down on me even more than it already had. How that would have been possible I don't know, but I couldn't shake the feeling of impending doom. Not surprisingly enough, just a year ago was the last panic attack I've ever had. At the time I figured it was the first of many to come, since I was so sure that I couldn't take care of myself, that I would never ever make it on my own. I didn't know how. I was 25 years old and had never had to live a moment of my adult life on my own. Seems pathetic actually putting it in writing. Obviously a lot has happened in this past year, way more than I ever thought would. To be honest when I first moved out of the house and into my home (see what I did there?) my thought was that I would find someone new and basically repeat the cycle. The next year I'd be blogging from my new home with my new bf. I don't know why I thought that. I don't know if it's because I felt that I had to prove how awesome I am, like how could someone not want me as their girlfriend? 

As it turns out, I wasn't so interested in being anyone's girlfriend. I hate to be all teen movie, who am I, what is the meaning of life? But this year has been one of learning and dare I say, self discovery. Please note I want to punch myself in the face for saying that and trying to sound artsy and deep. In all honesty though, it's been an adventure, I know exactly who I am, what I want, and most of all I love sharing every single ridiculous moment of it with all of you. 

Can't wait to see what I reflect on next year. Most likely some outrageous shenanigan. However I've declared summer 2011 married guy free. And well every summer....and every other season too.



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not My Self Tonight...

Or really any night since my stress fracture incident. It really has disrupted my routine, I mean my nightly routine consisted of come home from work, eat a Clif Bar, and go for a run. That was my life and now.....I can't even go fora walk and I gotta be  honest, it really really sucks. I hate being so poor poor me, but I never expected this whole non-running thing to have such a profound effect on me but it really has. One more week thats what I keep telling myself. 

Anyway, enough of my self pity party. It's WIMBLEDON TIME!!!!!!!!!!! And both my Andys are starting off strong. :)

(Andy Roddick....USA!! via)


(Great Britain's #1 Andy Murray!!!!!! via)

Don't get me wrong, I love tennis.Not just ridiculously hot shirtless guys. I played all through HS and some college and even have some trophies and medals to show for it. It's the one sport I totally understand and enjoy watching and following. So please help cheer on my Andys! And don't ask me what I'm going to do if they end up playing each other in the finals. I can't think about it.

Also since I can't be running as much as I want....or really at all, I've discovered these things on the television....they're called tv shows! One particular in fact: Criminal Minds. Now I really like this show in general because I enjoy any show that features deranged individuals and hot guys that catch them. Really who doesn't? But one particular actor has stolen my heart.

(Matthew Gray Gubler...via)
Is he not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I. die. There are no words. He is just the hottest thing I've ever discovered on television. I now live for Criminal Minds marathons on the weekends. If you've never seen this show, start watching it. RIGHT NOW! And then tell me Matthew is not absolutely beautiful. Consider it a challenge. 

Alright you have your assignment my lovelies. Go forth and drool over Matthew Gray Gubler just like me ;)



Monday, June 20, 2011

Mumford and Sons

Was amazing!!!!!!!!! Aside from the girl in front of me who was smoking joints and jumping around like a spaz. (She eventually chucked her phone with one of her fist pumps) Please enjoy the photos! 

(Representing and starting the night off right)

(Matthew and The Atlas, they were really great check them out)

(Nathanial Rateliff and Fairchildren, check them out too)

(OMG MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!)


(Oh yeah, Marcus Mumford....JK He is amazing too)

(Ben Lovett...he plays the accordion too. Which is hot)
(Ted Dwane..bad ass bass player and funny guy)

There you have it Start listening to Mumford and Sons. But stay away from my boyfriend. Or else....



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beer Olympics 2011

So in the effort to be a good sport about this whole fractured foot, I decided to try carrying on with my life and that meant attending the Beer Olympics at my friend John's house this weekend. I couldn't really participate, but I can drink beer and was given a hard hat, safety vest and a fire extinguisher and made the safety officer. Did I use the fire extinguisher you ask? Why yes I did. I put out a flaming tree stump. I may have asked someone to light it on fire so I could put it out, but whatever. It still counts and I am totally Fire Marshall Bill.

Anyways, there was a keg and even, an Olympic Flame

(seriously go check out the stuff he builds. He's like a mad scientist....who looks like a cross between Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal, not like a creepy old dude with crazy white hair and huge glasses.)

I was put in charge of keeping score, which I did a reallly poor job of. I was also in charge of John's dog Vegas and his neighbors probably think someone from the local asylum escaped and kidnapped his dog because I was walking him around in the hard hat and safety vest...and I was also wearing my boot. Awesome I know. But at the end due to my poor score keeping abilities and all participants being drunk and not caring, everyone was a winner somehow!

(The bestie before the events testing out the podium she painted and holding up the sweet medals she made. )

That night since the bestie and I are drunks party like rockstars we went out to some local establishments where we met a really fun bunch of guys that were out for a bachelor party and one really weird dude that followed us into The Lift. I don't know if he thought throwing out 20 questions was a socially acceptable way to meet people or if he was just socially ackward. Either way he started out with "which one of us was the craziest" followed by "what is your most awesome make-out story". He took the cake though for having made out with a girl in a giant pumpkin. I know....we didn't ask too many questions.

I've learned though that life with this stupid boot isn't so bad. No I can't run and yes that sucks, but I can still be part of the human race and do things with my friends. And drink which really, is the most important thing. I'm off to see Mumford and Sons today which I'm soooooooooo excited for! Can't wait to tell you all about how I make Winston Marshall my new boyfriend. You're all going to be so jealous. 



Monday, June 13, 2011

A Series Of Crappy Events

Okay that might be a bit dramatic. But hi, I have a blog. Sometimes I post shit and sometimes I hide under blankets when sad things happen and I ignore the interwebs. This was one of those instances. Saturday June 4 ( I can't even say last week because I've been MIA that long) was the Dam to Dam, and guess what? I did it! Yes I actually ran the entire 12.4 miles which is the longest I've ever run in my entire life. I was pretty proud of myself, until Monday rolled around and I was hobbling around like a peg legged pirate because my foot felt broken. As it turns out...it kind of is.

Yes my friends that is my right foot...in a boot. Because I have a stress fracture in my foot. How did this happen you ask? Less a series of crappy events and more like a series of stupid choices on my part. Here is how you wind up with a stress fracture. Please take notes.

1.) You wait until the last second to buy new running shoes even knowing you can't run the race in them because you will kill yourself. So you wear your old super worn out running shoes. Which isnt...really...any better.

2.) You don't train properly. Like oh I have this distance race coming up. Haven't really ran in over 2 weeks and the longest I've ever run was 8.5 miles...2 months ago. I should be fine. Wrong. You will not be fine. Because you are old. And dumb.

3.) During said race you get a super mega blister but instead of taking advantage of the plethora of ambulances and EMT's around you just keep going and run on the outside of your foot to avoid said blister. For 5.4 miles.

And that friends is how you wind up in a world of hurt and a stupid boot on your foot for weeks. WEEKS!!! The soonest I will be able to run again is mid July and even then only a mile or two. It sucks big time, and I've been having a pity party ever since. When I see people running I take it as a personal attack and want to hit them with my car. In the end though, I know I could've prevented this and I just have to suck it up. However since I can't do fun things like run and play sports, I guess that gives me more time to blog. Trying to stay positive here.

So in conclusion, don't be dumb like me. Be safe and make smart choices. Also get crutches. I don't have any and I'm pretty sure if I did, I'd get more sympathy and free shit.

Broken Cheers,



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