Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost time for New Years Eve....

And I have nothing to wear. I went shopping last night and did not find one single suitable thing. And so here we are the day before, and I've got nothing. NOTHING. Except shoes. I have the shoes, just nothing to wear with them. Mayhaps sweatpants to dinner? It's looking like it may end up that way. Or undies and my fab heels? All I really wanted was something like this:
(image via google)

Alas I could not find anything like that. Well I am leaving work a little early tomorrow. Hopefully I can do some speed shopping and find something.

I am looking forward to the new year though. I have no resolutions per se. I suppose it would be to start up things I love again. My main one happens to be running. I haven't run since I last posted about the Race for the Cure. I miss it. So I'm looking forward to getting back in running condition, just hoping I don't break my neck running in this crazy Iowa winter weather. Ah well, I'm sure my winter weather running will make for some fun stories.

They say that New Years Day is the most depressing day of the year, and I hope that it's not for all you out there. This may sound lame but one of my favorite uplifting phrases comes from one of my favorite childhood movies, Rainbow Bright: "Every morning is a brand new day." Corny, I know, but it's so true. So heres to a kick ass start to a new decade and my next quarter century!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Apparently turning 25 means.....

Your life goes to hell. Ughhh just thought I'd stop by quickly to tell you all that life is sucking right now to the maxxxxx. Almost a new year, I just keep telling myself that. So far 25 you are not impressing me. Ah well trying to channel my inner Scarlet O'Hara and tell myself that tomorrow is another day. Until then this is how I'm dealing.
(image via google)

I shall only post happy things tomorrow. Promise.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Almost Time....

For my birthday! Oh yeah and Christmas. We had a fun yet brief Christmas dinner and gift opening at D's parents house today. The weather is turning terrible and tomorrow travel will be impossible so we headed up to the ole college town today. It was fun watching our niece "open" her gifts. (She's almost 9 months old, it was her first Christmas :) ) Tonight maybe we shall be getting our holiday "spirits" on with the besties in a Christmas/Birthday celebration. Hope everyone is having a fun and fabulous holiday, those in the midwest be safe and make smart travel choices!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy Hiatus/Badass of the Week.

It's been awhile, my apologies for the absence. I've been crazy busy and I was home in Illinois for the last couple of days. However I'm back and oh boy am I excited to bring you the badass of the week. It is none other than my Fabulous bf! Why is he the badass of the week you may be asking yourself? Why, because he got me the greatest gift of all time. TICKETS TO SEE MUSE LIVE IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right, I'm going to be seeing Muse. Perform. Live. I told D I might cry. I might cry right now as I type this. I am beyond excited, I've already got a countdown going. Matt, Dominic, Chris....oh my. It will be the best day of my life. I've waited sooooo long for them to come back to the midwest that I can't believe it's actually happening.
(image via google.)

Oh my lord. They are beautiful. It's going to be beautiful. Congrats Bf on being badass of the week! You are the best!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Badass of the week

I kinda maybe sorta forgot to do this last it's just a few days late. Anyway, there is something that I have been obsessed with for quite sometime. Everytime I head into work at BBW I walk past them and die.
(Santa my B-day is Christmas Day....what do you say????)

I want these shoes soooooooooooo bad. So bad. The lovely workers at Aldo are going to get a restraining order against me since I've become the creeper staring in the window. But seriously how badass are these? New Years? Done and done. If I owned these I would wear them to work, to the store, to lunch with a fox in a box, whatevs ol' Dr. Suess could throw at me. DO WANT!!!!! You here that Santa. I ain't messing around. Since my b-day happens to be on your special day I think that means you owe me. Or something.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Feeling Uninspired to the Maxxxxxx.....

While I love me some snow, the repercussions not so much. Like having to wake up earlier to clean your car off and let it warm up, and also having to tack on at least an extra 15 minutes for your commute. These additions to my morning routine make for a very lazy, bad haired, unfashionable chica. And that just makes me plain old grumpy. I'm hoping to get in some retail therapy this weekend. Maybe with some new duds I can get that spark back and stop looking so hobo like. I can only hope. Oh and remember when I posted about possibly getting my hair cut????? Never happened. Let's add that to the list of things to do to get Marisa out of her funk. Seriously, I'm going to start implementing the Mean Girls rules. My numero uno rule would have to be : You can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week. Maybe getting my hair cut would help with that one. Bahhhhh......Winter I always look so forward to you and then you bring out my inner hobo. Why??????

What I would most like to find this weekend to cheer me up?????
(image via

Someday I'll have a sweet blazer....probably when they aren't cool anymore. Le sigh. I'm sure you're bored to tears reading my poor poor me sob story. So I'll leave it at that. I promise to be back to normal after the weekend. Promise.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well winter has officially arrived in Des Moines in the form of a blizzard and over a foot of snow.

(Guess who isn't going to work today????)

Don't know why that picture turned out all weird. I'm blaming it on the hurricane like winds and swirling snow that feels like a million little snowflakes are punching you in the face....and laughing. But at least we get a quality day at home staying warm and playing video games and what not. Poor little Dexty isn't digging the snow so much. It's deeper than he is tall. Poor guy. I wish I had an art project or something crafty to do today. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate. Oh and here is a picture of our Christmas decorations:

(I just realized that mirror is not centered with the table...booo)

On the subject of Christmas, I watched my favorite Christmas movie of all time last night and this morning.... (I didn't cry though this morning) MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL! I love that movie so much. I sing the songs from it when I need to feel the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. Not gonna lie I may watch it again tonight. Well on that note before I start watching it now I better get to being productive. Still need to shovel.....booooooooooo. Stay warm!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Badass of the week

I've decided to start a weekly thing. It will be called badass of the week, basically just any badass person, place, or thing that I'm into that week. (I guess I should call it badasss noun of the week.) Anywho, this weeks badass is.....
FLEA! (aka Michael Balzary)
(I dare you to make fun of bass players to his face.)

I have been diggin RHCP alot lately and you may see me dancing up a storm in my car thanks to this handsome fellow. There is no denying; Flea is a badass bass playing machine and boy can bring the funk like no one's biznazz. The Chili Peppers are a kick ass band and have been for many many years, but Flea puts them over the top and into extreme ass kicking territory. If you don't believe me, listen to Aeroplane and see if you can stop yourself from getting down with the slaptastick funkay-ness that Flea brings.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Christmas Time Is Here....

Which means it's almost my B-day! Yes dear readers this lady's B-day is none other than Christmas Day. I can hear you all now going "oh that must be awful", rest assured it is not. I resigned to the fact that Christmas is bigger and better than my B-day a long time ago. Anyway I enjoy the spirit of Christmas far more than the spirit of birthdays anyway. And as such I've begun decorating the house!

(I jest. D would never allow so much decoration.)

Yes I may or may not live with The Grinch. None the less I have hung a wreath put up some garland and lights and the stockings are in the works. I'm allowed at least that. I'll take some pics when all is said in done. Fair warning that it won't be as awesome as this pic, but hey. We can't all have fire places.....or Christmas Trees. Hope all your Holiday-ness is going fabulously! Now I just need to get on that present buying thing.....


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