Sunday, February 20, 2011

6 Confessions

I was inspired by this lady's post of 6 confessions I decided to join the rest of the blogosphere and do my own...finally. I know I've been slacking here lately. 

1.) I am my mothers daughter. I hate admitting it but it's true. My need for organization and cleanliness and extreme need for punctuality....all my mom. And my obsessions with shoes. Thanks mom. 

2.) Despite my need for cleanliness in my home it DOES NOT carry over to my car. It's a disaster. Always has been from the time I got my first car at 16. Sorry everyone. I'm on a plan for recovery. I've watched enough Hoarders I know what to do.

3.) I hate showering & eating. It's so time consuming. I know that's crazy and don't worry I do both daily. Still I wish I didn't have to waste time doing either.

4.) I despise talking on the phone. You may think otherwise from my bedazzled Blackberry, but really I hate it. Unless you have some serious emergency, don't call me. Send me a text. Or an email.

5.) I don't wear diamonds. I'm not a supporter of the industry and stopped wearing all of my diamond jewelry back in 2007. Suck it De Beers.

6.) I hate PDA. Unless I'm wasted. Then I'm a hand holding freak of nature. Otherwise I despise any sort of hugging/cuddling in public. Barf. However, a hug from the right person in private can still make this cynical calculating girl smile like a giddy teen.

And there you have it. I hope you all learned something today. Have a happy Monday folks!




  1. oh psh. Your confessions are hardly confessions. I was hoping for some good dirt but I already knew all of that!

  2. haha i just got an iphone and i LOVE it, but i hate when it rings!


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