Sunday, July 29, 2012


Oh hey there. It's been a while. A really looooonnngg while. I kept trying to come back to blogging and every time it ended in an epic fail. I'm not really sure why. I have my speculations. Mostly being that I didn't have my own "space". Which perhaps is a lame excuse, but I just couldn't get into it without having my own room, or area or what have you. Now though, and those of you who follow me on twitter and instagram already know,we've moved! No we didn't buy a house. While we were still looking and living in our old apartment, the landlord sold the duplex and we were served 60 days notice to move out. Kind of killed the house buying plan. We did however, find a sweet condo to rent that is 1 bedroom + den which means that Drew has is own office area and I have the bedroom. While not my own office, it works just fine for me. So, now that I have my own place where I can write comfortably and in solitude I will be back! For good! I've missed blogging so much and I've had so much I've wanted to write about. This has been such a long hiatus, and I for one am glad it's over. Looking forward to catching up with all of you!!!




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