Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update: Marathon and Wedding

First the wedding deets: Montana wedding out. Duluth, MN wedding in. Thats all I really have at the moment on the wedding. We're heading up there on the 29th to scope out some venues and do some cupcake tasting (yum!) so I will have more fun things to report then.

Marathon update:

It's hard ya'll. It is so hard. Not impossible and I don't want to discourage anyone thinking about running one. However it really is just not for me. I'm a social person, always have been always will be. I like happy hours, weekend get aways, during the week get aways, weekend partying, weekend being lazy from time to time. So when you have to run so much during the week, and you are still exploring the new city you moved to, still figuring out how to make two lives mesh together in one condo, and still wanting to find time to just chill or party with friends....I just can't. No marathon training does not last forever, and maybe some people will think I'm lazy or weak willed for not wanting to give up 6 months of my life to train, but whatever. Obviously I can and I have, but trust I will probably not do it again any time soon. With all that being said, I will still be very proud to cross the finish line on October 7th.

So what we're taking away from this post is

1.) Duluth wedding

2.) running 13.1 miles or less is the best (for me)

3.) I'm sorry that I'm not sorry that I like to party




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