Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mug Clubs & Diva Cups

Tonight I did it. I really did it. Joined the Court Ave. Brewing Company Mug Club! Not sure what all it entails, but I got a sweet mug and get pretty cheap delicious beers. They only have a few left for purchase so I recommend you get down there ASAP and get your own mug! Then we can meet up for beers. K? Except not if you use Diva Cups....then we can't be friends. If you don't know what one is don't ask. Ignorance is bliss on this one trust me. So, I don't think I mentioned (except in my brief rant of a post prior) but this past weekend I ventured home via Amtrak. It was my first experience and while it wasn't fantastic, it wasn't horrible either. The trip home was the worst as I needed to catch a Metra train out of Chicago to the burbs. However, the Amtrak train was 50 minutes late so that put quite a bit of extra strain on this lady busting her butt through the streets of Chicago from one train station to the next. Dear tourists in Chicago: Don't stand at intersections staring up and being in the way. It annoys the rest of us...because you make us almost miss our trains. The enjoyable things being listening to a vagabond named Alejandro ( who oddly enough was a white dude with long dreadlocks) talk about his many journeys and discuss moral relativity with some kids from Jersey/Philly.

All in all, it was a hectic weekend, but I got some good shopping in. Then I got sick. Booooooo. Still fighting it off. On that note, time to rest up in a Nyquil induced coma. I leave you with this sweet origami frog I made at work.

Mug Club Cheers,


P. S. Super Hugggeeeee Congrats to our new Miss America Teresa Scanlan! She was absolutely fantastic!

(Photo via Miss America)

She's already off on her crazy whirlwind year of service and you can follow her here. Midwest is the best!

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