Friday, August 31, 2012

Marathon Training: Burnout

Well here we are folks. Week 13 of 18 of marathon training. And I am burned out. Forcing myself to do my training runs during the week is the hardest, most painful thing I have to do these days. A combination of a lot of traveling and work stress has just drained me. I can't seem to get back on track. My feet hurt, I have 5 zillion blisters, I'm always hungry and always tired. I won't lie to you times are tough right now. Oddly enough though, I still look forward to my long runs on the weeknds. Like quick 5 mile run on a Tuesday? Are you effing kidding me? 5 miles?? On a Tuesday???? WHYYYYYYYYYY????? But 16 mile run on a Sunday? Oh, well that sounds quite lovely actually. Don't mind if I do. Perhaps it's because I don't work on Saturdays and I also don't work on Sundays. So it's nice to get outside and go for a run. But these training runs during the week.....shoot me now. I also just bought my second pair of Brooks. As much as I hated to drop another $110 after only 3.5 months, I also remebered it was also close to 300 miles later and time to start rotating in new shoes. Especially with the marathon getting close. 37 days close to be exact. I hope I get out of this slump soon, because I can't afford to slack right now. No injuries this year please. Any other runners have experience with marathon burn out? I'll take any and all advice.



p.s. Thank you for the congratulations and well wishes. We are excited :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's a love story

So once upon a time, like the end of May 2012, Drew and I were hiking on a mountain in South Dakota. We talked about the future, did we want the same things etc. All those things couples talk about at a certain point to see if they'll make it in the long run. Then we took a break on the descent and sat on a rock looking at the views of the Black Hills, and Drew asked if I would marry him. I said yes and he gave me a rock. Literally it was a quartz rock we smuggled home from the hike. 

Soooooo why am I just telling you this now? Well we kept it to ourselves until now. We've finally made the rounds, told family and friends that yes indeed. We are getting married. We're doing a planned "elopement" in Montana, September 2013. We still haven't picked a date quite yet, but we're getting there. I'm not really into the whole wedding planning thing so don't expect a ton of wedding updates. Buttt if you don't hear anything about it for a while, maybe inquire about it. So I get my ass in gear. :) 

And of course here is the obligatory ring photo. It belonged to me Grandmother. I don't believe in wasting a ton of money on jewelry and also I don't support the diamond industry. Also I am all about heirlooms. 

Mountain weddings y'all.


Monday, August 20, 2012


Drew and I fight. Little known fact that I was a little worried at first because we never fought. Not even a little. Obviously after a few months of living together that changed. That is not to say that cohabitation has become a nightmare, but when two people go from single living to sharing a small one bedroom apartment, things that you may have been able to tolerate before now causes an eye twitching vein popping rage you can't seem to explain. (re: stop playing that goddamn electropop shit or I will cram that receiver DOWN YOUR THROAT!! or Stop leaving wet towels all over the house or I will set them on fire and STRANGLE YOU WITH IT!!) I'll let you decide who said what.

Okay so it's not that extreme, but point being sometimes we test each others limits and sometimes on bad days we crack. But here's the really awesome part:

We say we're sorry.

Yes, we both say we're sorry. Sorry for being crabby, sorry for yelling, sorry my lady hormones want to punch you in the testes for no apparent reason. Whatever it is, we act like grown ups admit our mistakes, and apologize and move on. This is huge for me guys. I'm not stubborn and I don't like talking about feelings, but I'll be damned if I haven't matured and learned how to admit when I've acted a fool and apologize. Telling your partner you love them is important, but I'm pretty sure saying you're sorry is like .01cm behind it in importance. 

So there you go. Couples therapy advice right there. No charge. Just keep reading. And maybe tell your friends. Or send me a new Kate Spade bag for fall.



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The New Place

We've been in our new place about a week and a half now. So far so good. It is most definitely a huge step up from where we were living. 

View from our bedroom deck

View from the living room deck

Our new closet <3 <3

Master Bathroom

New Kitchen

Having a real closet is sooooooo amazing. We can actually access all of our clothes!! And I actually have room to buy more! So many glorious new things. Also the his and hers sinks are great. Even if Drew still stands behind me and my sink in the morning. Old habits are hard to break I guess. As far as our location goes it isn't terrible. We are now officially St.Paul residents, but we're not as close to grocery stores or Target like we used to be. But I think it's a fair trade :) 

Coming up Drew and I are taking a trip.....To VEGAS!!!!! I'm so excited! I haven't been to Vegas since 2006 and it was a grand old time. Next Thursday cannot get here soon enough. We both definitely need a vacation. 




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