Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!

Tomorrow is Casimir Pulaski Day!. Okay I know every single one of you is like who the eff is Casimir Pulaski?  So go here  to learn more about it. Anyways in honor of my old traditions from the home state, I made some delish Polish foods and threw a party in his honor. 


So awesome times were had by all. And by all I mean me cause I may or or may not be drinking vodka right now. Who cares, it's Casimir Pulaski Day tomorrow and I don't have to work!!

In other exciting news in May I'll be going to visit this super awesome guy...

Before you get all awwwww he's super cute, please note that there is some bad blood between Z and I. See once upon a time in 1995, I had a mega crush on Z. Like gonna get married I know exactly what I want at 11 how could he be so stupid to not see the love laser beams between us kind of crush. Well turns out he was so stupid; he didn't want to be my boyfriend. I was crushed devastated beyond all hope....for like 2 days or something. I was 11 for Pete's sake. Still, every b-day I wish Z a "happy birthday love of my life who wouldn't go out with me in the 5th grade". It never gets old. At least for me. Point of the story being I'm going to go party with Z in Colorado in May and it's going to be awesomely good times. Probably better than the McDonalds/Library dates I had planned in 5th grade. He's going to read this now and at first be super embarrassed for himself and then for me for admitting McDonalds/Library dates. Whatever.

How was everyone elses weekends? Full of awesomeness I assume. Don't forget Casimir Pulaski tomorrow and try to eat something Polish!

Na zdrowie!



  1. cheers on the big day! have some vodka for me!

    i used to have a polish friend that could cook up some mean grub! i bet he is celebrating too (which would include a case of beer for himself ALONE if things haven't changed much for him). lol

  2. oh man, i've never had a Kolaczki, but they look really tasteyyyyyyy


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