Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pecha Kucha Night!!! Oh and Cat Litter

Okay quickly I just have to be the crazy cat lady and give a shout out to this new cat litter I've been using:

(image via google)

It has seriously changed my life. It's amazing. If you have more than one cat go buy it. That is all. You're welcome Tidy Cats.

So the first part of the title probably has you going say what? Okay first things first it's pronounced "pechacha" and it's Japanese for chit chat. Learn more about it here I'd probably do a horrible job of explaining it anyway. This was my second PKN (pecha kucha night) as my first involved my office bestie presenting on his Appalachian Trail hike from last summer. It really is a great time, you learn lots of interesting things as different people have many different interests and passions and I highly recommend you see if your city hosts a PKN and go! One guy did a presentation on his hike of the Continental Divide which got me even more excited to head to Colorado in May. I also snagged this postcard from Laura who did a presentation about saving the post office one piece of snail mail at a time:

Well now Z gets a little preview of the lovely postcard that is coming his way. I actually love snail mail. I just like writing things in actual ink. It's fun. So send someone you know a postcard. Heck send me one! Email me and I'll give you my address. I <3 mail. All I ever get is junk. Except for today. Today was a day of great joy as my precious finally arrived. I give you.......:

No More Waity, Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no more waity me! I cannot wait to get a manicure this weekend with my soon-to-be royal inspired nail polish. Yes I'm a Kate Middleton obsess-er. I hope we can still be friends. I just love her style, so very British and just plain old lovely. Sigh.....

Anyway what a random day this has been. Anyone have any big weekend plans? I've got zero but I'm kind of looking forward to a quiet weekend. I always say that then things happen and then you get to read about them here. So I guess stay tuned and I hope I don't disappoint come Sunday afternoon...
Pecha Kucha Cheers!


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  1. litter tips?! lol! well i guess i could give it a whirl! lol

    have a fab weekend!


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