Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting Down On Friday...

Okay sorry, but that Rebecca Black song is on like constant play in my head. Don't ask questions. Just feel sorry for me. Anyway, I wish I had some awesomeness planned, but after last weekends many adventures I'm taking it easy. Like my idea of getting down on Friday include:

Running and pilates....if only I was in that awesome of shape.

Finishing up this absolutely amazing book. I highly recommend it. Although I admit, it's having the total opposite effect on me. It's making me want to climb Everest. Not scaring me away from it. Last thing I'm enjoying this Friday evening:

Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches!!! I love mint ice cream it is my favorite!

Have a good weekend everyone, whether you are partying or laying low like me!
Oh and I will be laying low listening to (and dreaming about) these hot Brits.

 (Mumford & Sons)

British and a banjo? Yes please.

Alright kids I'm out!



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  1. ahh, that book totally scared me! i couldnt' even finish it actually! if you want to scare yourself out of wanting to hike mount everest there's a series that was on the Discovery Channel called "Everest:Beyond the Limit".. it followed a group of people hiking everest and it was terrifying. sooooo terrifying! (it's also pretty cool to watch haha)

    shoot! (in response to your question on my blog) i don't remember how i got super mario 3 on my wii! but there is definitely a way to do it! i think there's a "marketplace" or something like that in the home screen of the wii? i LOVE the old nintendo!

  2. so glad you are loving that book! he is an awesome writer, and it is a helluva story.

    i have ZERO interest in climbing. i like to hike but hate when there are gigantic hills to huff and puff over. lol. yes, i am lazy.

    hope your weekend was fab!


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