Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Funday!!!!!!

Well I must say I had a pretty awesome weekend, despite it's terrible start. Why such a terrible start you ask? Well let me tell you.

I'm a huge music fan. HUGE. I love concerts and I also love love love going to local shows and supporting local bands and venues. Des Moines had a new venue open up which is always exciting when the local music scene expands just a little further. My friends and I had planned on checking out 504 Club a few weeks ago but that "spring" snow storm made the group decide to postpone heading downtown much to the disappointment of our friend John. Sorry kiddo, majority rules. Anyway Friday night we decided we were really going to do it and scope it out. We hit up Shorty's on Court Ave first where I spilled my beer fumbling with my cash. This is why I never use it. It only leads to paying $3.50 for 5/8 of a Miller Lite. Still fun times were had and then we moved on to the East Village where I finally go to experience Quinton's and I must say I enjoyed it. $4 giant margaritas always gets a thumbs up from me. That brings us to the 504 Club and the downfall of the night. We walk in and there is a guy sitting there presumably to check id's/ take cover. The bestie and her boyfriend walked in followed by me and then John. Nobody could hear and we just kept walking and he didn't stop us so we were just like alright whatevs. Fast forward a half hour later 1 beer in and the door guy comes up to our whole group to get cover. From me and John. Just us. Not the two others he clearly saw come in with us. Just us. Needless to say I was beyond pissed and I don't foresee myself going back to 504 Club until they get their shit together. Not cool 504 Club. Not cool at all.

Saturday night we had a fun time at a wine tasting party hosted by my friend in the old college town and ate too much glorious food and drank some delicious fancy wine. Also I got to watch her wedding dvd where I was a bridesmaid. A very drunk bridesmaid. But at least a fun one right?????

That brings us to Sunday Funday!!!!!!!!!!! Even the city light posts wanted me to have a happy day!

It was a extremely nice day in Des Moines Sunday so the bestie and I ventured out to Flanagans for some tasty brunch. After inhaling our french toast and pancakes, we sipped our coffee wondering what to do the rest of the day. We decided since we both needed new reading material to head to the library since it wasn't to far away. Got there to realize it wasn't open until 1. So we kept on walking and found ourselves in the East Village where we passed this.

I don't care if I looked like a crazy on the street telling a building that I hate it. I do. It made me feel better. 

On a cooler block we were verry pleased to find that your favorite East Village shop was open. Eden!

We could spend houuuurs in this store. Sometimes we do. Eden carries Kiehl's, Molton Brown, Caldrea, L'Occitane and many other fabulous products. The bestie got a new perfume. I got some Caldrea counter top cleaner refill and an Iowa present for my Colorado friend.

Back to the library we went where I picked up some books on mountain hiking and mountain hiking disasters 

After all that walking (6 miles so far!) my stomach was telling me it was time for lunch. We headed out of downtown and back to our hood and stopped for a late lunch at Red China Bistro where I had the best Miso ever!

(my red curry vegetable turnover....soooooo good)

(the besties spring roll salad)

All in all we walked almost 8 miles, shopped around Des Moines, ate some amazing food and had the best impromptu Sunday Funday ever!!!!!!

How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully just as fun filled! 



P.S. I leave you with this terrible pic of a whirlpool I saw in the Des Moines River


  1. wow! you pack a lot into a weekend!

    and i loved into thin air. it is a GOOD book! hope you like it!!!!

  2. Back to Blogging after a big break

    Hope yours is always fabulous and fantastic


    COol blogs


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