Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Is Almost Here!

Apparently this is what almost spring looks like in Des Moines :

Don't act like you're not jealous. 

In other news the bestie and I ventured out to a new establishment tonight. See a very cool local cover band, The Snacks were shooting their very first music video at Fat Tony's. We'd never been, we like The Snacks so we ventured out. Let's just say it wasn't our scene...and they don't take debit cards which is always a downer for us as we never carry cash. But! We did get to be in a scene for the music video so, hopefully we make the final cut and look awesome :) If both of those things occur I'll post it when it's available. Anyway, it's late, it's snowing and I"m ready for Spring. 




  1. No shit right? I could do with a lot less "spring"

  2. oh my gosh snow. boo snow!

    i'm glad my little hiking check list helped you :) hiking in Colorado is going to be aaaaaaamazing! You'll have a blast!

  3. your weather is BOGUS! lol

    and places that don't take debit cards drive me nuts. it is a pain to go get cash! and dangerous!

    hope you make it to the final cut of the video! whee!

  4. eeks! it ain't snowing here but it's definitely not spring. sorry about the snow. that blows. btw i just saw my bodie puppers on your sidebar and it made me smile. hope you make the video!

  5. Oh my gosh I love The Snacks, I go see them at Headliners (old Ames Peoples) on Thursdays!


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