Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well winter has officially arrived in Des Moines in the form of a blizzard and over a foot of snow.

(Guess who isn't going to work today????)

Don't know why that picture turned out all weird. I'm blaming it on the hurricane like winds and swirling snow that feels like a million little snowflakes are punching you in the face....and laughing. But at least we get a quality day at home staying warm and playing video games and what not. Poor little Dexty isn't digging the snow so much. It's deeper than he is tall. Poor guy. I wish I had an art project or something crafty to do today. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate. Oh and here is a picture of our Christmas decorations:

(I just realized that mirror is not centered with the table...booo)

On the subject of Christmas, I watched my favorite Christmas movie of all time last night and this morning.... (I didn't cry though this morning) MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL! I love that movie so much. I sing the songs from it when I need to feel the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. Not gonna lie I may watch it again tonight. Well on that note before I start watching it now I better get to being productive. Still need to shovel.....booooooooooo. Stay warm!

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  1. Wow, now THAT'S some snow! We had a tiny little snow storm the other day and all of 1/4 of an inch actually stuck, haha!


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