Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Christmas Time Is Here....

Which means it's almost my B-day! Yes dear readers this lady's B-day is none other than Christmas Day. I can hear you all now going "oh that must be awful", rest assured it is not. I resigned to the fact that Christmas is bigger and better than my B-day a long time ago. Anyway I enjoy the spirit of Christmas far more than the spirit of birthdays anyway. And as such I've begun decorating the house!

(I jest. D would never allow so much decoration.)

Yes I may or may not live with The Grinch. None the less I have hung a wreath put up some garland and lights and the stockings are in the works. I'm allowed at least that. I'll take some pics when all is said in done. Fair warning that it won't be as awesome as this pic, but hey. We can't all have fire places.....or Christmas Trees. Hope all your Holiday-ness is going fabulously! Now I just need to get on that present buying thing.....

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