Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Decisions....

Okay, so I've got a dilemma. You know how I was raving about London and how I was so excited to go? Welllll now I am starting to think about Dublin. I've always wanted to go to Ireland, I was hoping to study abroad there in college. Plus.....Irish boys, annnndddd

I loooooovveee me some Guinness. Guinness + Irish Men= Awesomeness. So now what to do? London....or Dublin? I think it's time I got my research on, and start making some lists and checking them twice. (What my birthday is Christmas Day?) I welcome any opinions on which I should choose; past experiences, a preference between Irish men or English....you know. Anything that might help me along ;) Thanks kiddos!


  1. London. Definitely London. Brits are good kissers :)

  2. i've never been to either country but i'm dying to go to both! my first choice is ireland so i say go for dublin!


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