Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Sushi Is The Best Sushi

Sometimes I go out with the intention of a nice quiet evening. However it rarely happens as things escalate and my nice quiet evening turns into dinner with the bestie, 5 random guys and a lot of drinks. So, the bestie and I had a dinner date Friday night at Sakari because we were both craving some sushi. The place was paaaccckkeed when we got there but we were not discouraged as we really wanted some GD sushi. 25 minutes later however extreme hunger was setting in (and extreme thirst) and we were just about to walk out when this table of guys asked if we'd like to join them. As we love making new friends, and were extremely hungry, we took them up on their kind offer. It was fun, one of the guys looked like Jason Statham, and many saki bombs and saki shots were had. How was the sushi free you ask? Well those nice guys paid for our dinner and drinks. Isn't Des Moines fabulous? 

I knew after dinner that my quiet night was over and figured might as well go all out. So we met up with some friends of ours downtown, more drinking and shots were had, I believe some dancing, and all around fun. Then I had to work on Saturday. Booooo.

While my Friday night was not quiet like I planned, Saturday was even though I had planned on it not being. I got my craft on and worked on some projects I've had in mind for a while.  (Please bear with my blackberry camera is missing. If you find it or would like to donate a new one to me, email me.)

So, this is what my wall behind my bed looked like before. I had some wall art up there but it was just so bleh. So with the help of these supplies.

(Canvas, brushes and acrylic paints)

I was able to create this.

Not sure how I feel about the smaller canvases, but I'll deal with it for now. I bought those on a whim without any real worked out plans for them.

How was everyone elses weekend? I can't believe January is over, and we're on to February. Which means spring is just around the corner. So excited for spring shopping, and not having to wear tights with skirts and dresses. Oh and and open toed shoes. Verrry excited for open toed shoes. Have a good Monday everyone!



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