Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Little To Do, So Much Time

Strike that. Reverse it. First off wow! Hello to all the new readers...or old readers who've said hello recently. So nice to meet you! I love your comments, they make me smile :) 

So I'm starting to feel the pressure of my upcoming travels and race. Mostly the race. In June I will be running the Dam to Dam.

I'm excited and nervous. It's the farthest race I've ever done, and I know that there is no way to predict how your body will preform on the day of a race no matter how hard you've trained. Still, after working sooooo hard it's difficult to not be disappointed if things don't go as well as expected. I suppose I will just keep training hard and hope for the best!

Although I will admit the training comes at a great time as sigh....we're approaching swimsuit season again. I got a new one even though I wear a swimsuit about 3 times a summer. I don't tan (Skin cancer/ thanks) and well, I hate hot and don't like sweating. That said, I do loooove the retro swimsuits that are insanely popular right now. 

(Shan Spring/Summer 2011 via )

(Kenneth Cole Swimdress via google )

(Betsey Johnson via google)

What swimsuit trends are you loving this year?  




  1. ahhh love this girl :) some trends im loving right now is the flair jeans =]

  2. how fun that you are running that, i always wanted to! my friends are doing it this year again :)

  3. I super love that first swimsuit and I love how the model wearing the swimsuit is not at all the skinny anorexic type.

  4. good luck at the D2D - that race is still on my list to do here in iowa! i am playing around with the idea of running the des moines marathon (1/2) again in the fall - i'm always looking for running buddies (i don't have ANY, none of my friends are runners) because it gets a little boring to run the long distances by myself :(

  5. Oh how I love that second suit!! Nowa I just have to get my butt into the gym!

    We got snow yesterday... were you guys hit with any?


  6. Thankfully no snow. Just cold and rain :(

  7. the first one is my favorite!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  8. been loving retro...and currently loving prints on prints!


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