Monday, June 13, 2011

A Series Of Crappy Events

Okay that might be a bit dramatic. But hi, I have a blog. Sometimes I post shit and sometimes I hide under blankets when sad things happen and I ignore the interwebs. This was one of those instances. Saturday June 4 ( I can't even say last week because I've been MIA that long) was the Dam to Dam, and guess what? I did it! Yes I actually ran the entire 12.4 miles which is the longest I've ever run in my entire life. I was pretty proud of myself, until Monday rolled around and I was hobbling around like a peg legged pirate because my foot felt broken. As it turns kind of is.

Yes my friends that is my right a boot. Because I have a stress fracture in my foot. How did this happen you ask? Less a series of crappy events and more like a series of stupid choices on my part. Here is how you wind up with a stress fracture. Please take notes.

1.) You wait until the last second to buy new running shoes even knowing you can't run the race in them because you will kill yourself. So you wear your old super worn out running shoes. Which isnt...really...any better.

2.) You don't train properly. Like oh I have this distance race coming up. Haven't really ran in over 2 weeks and the longest I've ever run was 8.5 miles...2 months ago. I should be fine. Wrong. You will not be fine. Because you are old. And dumb.

3.) During said race you get a super mega blister but instead of taking advantage of the plethora of ambulances and EMT's around you just keep going and run on the outside of your foot to avoid said blister. For 5.4 miles.

And that friends is how you wind up in a world of hurt and a stupid boot on your foot for weeks. WEEKS!!! The soonest I will be able to run again is mid July and even then only a mile or two. It sucks big time, and I've been having a pity party ever since. When I see people running I take it as a personal attack and want to hit them with my car. In the end though, I know I could've prevented this and I just have to suck it up. However since I can't do fun things like run and play sports, I guess that gives me more time to blog. Trying to stay positive here.

So in conclusion, don't be dumb like me. Be safe and make smart choices. Also get crutches. I don't have any and I'm pretty sure if I did, I'd get more sympathy and free shit.

Broken Cheers,



  1. oh man! that's awfulllll! i'm sorry about your foot :/ stress fracture does NOT sound like fun. on the bright side you are quite a warrior! geeeeez.

    i was wondering where you went.. i'm glad you're trying to stay positive.. you'll be fine sooonnn then you can go run 12 miles.. that is crazy. 12 miles? crazy haha

  2. Well.... Damnit!!!!! That sucks !!!!
    I am super impressed you ran that FAR!!!! I am pretty sure I can't WALK that far without some problems!


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