Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beer Olympics 2011

So in the effort to be a good sport about this whole fractured foot, I decided to try carrying on with my life and that meant attending the Beer Olympics at my friend John's house this weekend. I couldn't really participate, but I can drink beer and was given a hard hat, safety vest and a fire extinguisher and made the safety officer. Did I use the fire extinguisher you ask? Why yes I did. I put out a flaming tree stump. I may have asked someone to light it on fire so I could put it out, but whatever. It still counts and I am totally Fire Marshall Bill.

Anyways, there was a keg and even, an Olympic Flame

(seriously go check out the stuff he builds. He's like a mad scientist....who looks like a cross between Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal, not like a creepy old dude with crazy white hair and huge glasses.)

I was put in charge of keeping score, which I did a reallly poor job of. I was also in charge of John's dog Vegas and his neighbors probably think someone from the local asylum escaped and kidnapped his dog because I was walking him around in the hard hat and safety vest...and I was also wearing my boot. Awesome I know. But at the end due to my poor score keeping abilities and all participants being drunk and not caring, everyone was a winner somehow!

(The bestie before the events testing out the podium she painted and holding up the sweet medals she made. )

That night since the bestie and I are drunks party like rockstars we went out to some local establishments where we met a really fun bunch of guys that were out for a bachelor party and one really weird dude that followed us into The Lift. I don't know if he thought throwing out 20 questions was a socially acceptable way to meet people or if he was just socially ackward. Either way he started out with "which one of us was the craziest" followed by "what is your most awesome make-out story". He took the cake though for having made out with a girl in a giant pumpkin. I know....we didn't ask too many questions.

I've learned though that life with this stupid boot isn't so bad. No I can't run and yes that sucks, but I can still be part of the human race and do things with my friends. And drink which really, is the most important thing. I'm off to see Mumford and Sons today which I'm soooooooooo excited for! Can't wait to tell you all about how I make Winston Marshall my new boyfriend. You're all going to be so jealous. 




  1. oh my gosh this is seriously awesome! i so want to do something like this now! and we will definitely have to have a safety officer.

  2. I am insanely jealous - I LOVE Mumford & Sons.

  3. Ok, you so Rock the vest and hard hat!
    Love all the pics, and what a fun group you all are!!!
    gi gi

  4. oh ya, where did you see Mumford & Sons?

  5. I just love M&F!!


  6. hahaha say hi to winston for me! love them.

    we used to have "tour de franzia" .. boxed wine races.. never ended well haha

    beer olympics sounds like a very good idea :D

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