Friday, August 6, 2010

I like pleasure spiked with pain...

And music is my aeroplane..........Ohhhhhhhhhhh man I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a crazy week although I did have a freaking awesome day yesterday. Just one of those days where everything was going great and other unexpected great things happened. Love days like that ya know? Anyway, I have been jonesing for a new tattoo like whoa. I've had some ideas in mind for a while but still not 100% sure. My ideas are:

(Image via google)

Enso, better known as a Zen Circle (enso means circle in Japanese) Been wanting this one for about well over a year now. Placement is still my issue with it though. Any thoughts? I only have 1 small tattoo now so the possibilities are endless!

The other idea I have is fairly new:

(Image via google)

A Phoenix. Only cooler than that one. I need someone to draw one up for me. Hear that artist friends? Only don't worry I'll be cooler anyways because I'm lacking the tramp-stamp.

Both have some meaning to me, the zen circle because it'd be a constant reminder that intellectual reasoning is not all thats important and introspection and quiet meditation need to be a priority. The phoenix for it's known symbolic meaning of death and rebirth. A reminder that from the ashes springs new life.

Sorry to get all philosophical on you when talking about tattoos. So thoughts? Ideas? Do you hate them? Let me know.......

Happy Friday Loves!

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