Monday, January 4, 2010

When Shopping Online...EDIT

Caveat Emptor. I just learned this the hard way. I usually refrain from clothes shopping online as you can never be sure about fit, color, size you know things that really matter when purchasing clothes. Well mi madre gave me a gift card to JCPenney for my b-day and I did NOT want to venture out to the store to actually shop since it was Christmas time so I thought, why not try online shopping. Well I found a bunch of sweet deals, and one shirt that I took a chance on. I've become addicted to long tunics and leggings and my ankle boots. So I found this shirt for only 5 DOLLARS, so I thought what the hey, looks good on the model. So, I made the leap and bought it. Since it was only 5 bucks I thought why not be daring. It's not something I would normally pick out but time to try new things right?


Because when you step out of your comfort zone this is what you get.

(Hi. Did someone call for a janitor?)

Yeah, D called it an "attempt at a classy janitor shirt." And with that it is going back and I will find something else for my 5 bucks. Seriously when they said "billowy shirt" they were not kidding. Check out the sleeves.
(come sail away with meeeeeeeee....)

Ugh so this just reaffirms my belief that buying online is for those who love to gamble, the risk takers of the world. It is not meant for people like me. Lesson learned.

Now wear is my mop?

EDIT: The bestie pointed out this fabulous comment on the website:
"This top looks even better on than you can see in the picture. I had so many compliments when I wore this top."
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I am banned from online shopping.

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