Thursday, October 25, 2012

317 Days

Honestly it feels like 17 days. I think this is the real reason I wanted to elope and not have a big wedding. Details. Ohhhh the never ending details. What if I pick the wrong centerpiece? What if Drew doesn't decide to give monogrammed Brooks Brothers umbrellas as groomsman gifts like JFK? What if my hair looks more Elizabeth Taylor than Jackie Kennedy? Will people care if they don't get to blow bubbles at us? Should I just get some god damn bubbles?

I know, not everything is going to go perfectly. But that doesn't stop me from losing sleep at night worrying about bridesmaid dresses, or bouquets and bridal party gifts and what kind of suits the boys should wear.


In other news we finally got my ring sized. You know like 3 months later. Turns out I have the tiniest of fingers. Ring size = 4. Thats right 4. Like the size most peoples fingers were when they were 10. Oh well.

I'm hoping to be able to use my mom's wedding band as my own providing they can seperate it from her engagement ring. It's already a size 4. So I guess that explains where I get my small fingered-ness from. Oddly enough of all the details I obssess over the wedding jewlery is not one of them. I could care less. I'd actually rather not wear an engagement ring, it's clunky and obnoxious. Everyone was all "oh I never used to wear jewlery but I don't even notice my engagement ring anymore", well guess what people I still notice and it still drives me nuts. I take it off as soon as I get home and on weekends I often leave the house without it. Not wearing a ring does not make me not engaged. I wish the exchanging of goats or something was still popular. I love goats and would love to have one.

In other news...

My dress is still not here and that makes me sad. Yes it's been less than a week since I ordered it. I still want it here now.

317 days to go.




  1. Lol, goats...

    I can imagine you worry about the details. A wedding is a big thing to plan. Lots of people are involved and it's supposed to be... well... the best day of your life, as they say. In any case it's a major event. But I'm sure that when you look back on your Big Day, you will find that it was all worth the trouble.

    I hope you will still be able to enjoy the planning process (and anticipatory pleasure)!

  2. Ha, I have size 4.5 fingers so can relate. ;) I don't like big rocks because they look fake on my teeny tiny fingers!!

    Happy wedding planning - I hope the process is somewhat enjoyable for you! I really really want to have a short engagement when/if I get engaged!!

  3. You being inpatient about clothing ... I would never imagine! LOL
    I am so happy for you :)
    Miss you lots, I don't know how you do the cold. burrr

  4. size 4!!! congrats & i cant wait!!!


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