Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saying Yes To The Dress

Yesterday was the day. Yesterday was the day I went to get my dress. My wedding dress. I have never been so excited for anything in my life. Honestly I never planned my wedding growing up so I never had a plan or vision in my head from the start, but once we decided to go ahead with a non-elopement and a full wedding my Type A-ness took over and plan, vision was locked down. The vision for my dress: Jackie Kennedy. 

Having done pageants in high school and college, I've worn a wide array of dresses. Spaghetti straps, halters, strapless, sweatheart necklines, and a-lines, mermaid, sheaths and fit and flare cuts. So the only dress that said "bridal" to me was a ball gown. I wanted a simple classic elegant ball gown in organza, tulle, or chiffon. Something that would look light and airy for an outdoor wedding. No laceup back, no pickups, no ruching, and very little bling or appliques. Again, the motto of the day was "think like Jackie O!"

Lucky for me my consultant at The Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul was awesome and also a lover of Jackie and ball gowns. She also did not mind my I know what I want just bring me only these things attitude. I know on Say Yes To The Dress girls go in wanting one thing and ending up with something they thought they didn't want. I am not that girl. 

Drew's mom and my friend Andrea came along and took tons of pictures for me. I tried on some really great dresses with only one dress I just didn't like, and here they are.

This was the first dress I tried and I obviously loved the shape. I did love the skirt too, I really love textured bottoms, but it didn't fit my "what would Jackie do" theme. 

I really loved this dress, it fit perfectly off the rack and it was just beautiful. The skirt was tulle and had beading and appliques similar to those on the skirt of Kate Middleton's dress. However, while beautiful and a ball gown, it still wan't my Jakie O vision. The next dress.....this was the only dress that I just didn't like.

The bodice...not bad. A little more bling than I wanted but it was pretty and classic at least. But that skirt. Ughhhhh that skirt. The tulle would just not lay flat at all. I just envisioned my poor bridesmaids trying to corral it at our outdoor ceremony every time I moved or a little breeze blew. Not a fan. 

Then we tried on my dress. Well not quite my dress as it was the entirely wrong fabric (taffeta. the HORROR) but the neckline was perfect the overall silhouette was perfect, then we added a birdcage hair piece and everyone was sold. I knew it from the moment I saw it on the website that it was the one for me and it was true. It has been ordered and will be arriving in 4-6 months :)

A big thank you to my mom who generously gave me a budget of $1500 for my dress. However, I luckily got my dream dress at a dream price only spending about 1/3 of the budget! Which is good because I just can't imagine spending $1500 on a dress I'm going to only wear once, even if it is my big day. 

So another big thing checked off my list! I'm so excited I can't wait for it to get here. Why does it have to take soooooo long? 

Wedding Cheers,


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