Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Almost Here....

I can't believe I just went on my second to last training run. It's so crazy, I feel like I've been training forevveerrrr. However, I am really excited for the marathon. I don't care about a goal time, or a goal pace or anything like that. I've never been a fast runner and most likely never will be. I'm okay with that. I like running  because, well....I just do. I find it relaxing, I get a lot of thinking done and it's great exercise. I'm competitive by nature, Type A and all that, but running was my non competitive thing. Something I just did for me. I lost that this summer training for the marathon. I know so many other people training for marathons and other races and I started to feel like if I wasn't as fast as them, then somehow I was less of a runner. That my race wouldn't be as important because I ran it slower. Like oh you didn't run a 4 hour marathon....thats not a real marathon then.

Which I know is ridic.

Finally this week (better late than never) I realized that, if my running for fun without caring about getting faster or setting a PR or going further would get me kicked out of the cool "serious" runner's club, well that is just fine with me. I'll party it up at the kids table. Because you know how many people don't run marathons? A lot more than do. I'm in the group that does. So that in and of itself is pretty damn awesome. And that is why I am so pumped to run on Sunday. 

With that I will leave you with an engagement pic taken yesterday by Drew's brother.

I call it, inspired by 007.

Marathon Cheers,



  1. I don't run so I don't have any comments on that (but good for you for stickig to it and waving off those insecurities), but I really love that pic! You both look great!

  2. Well at this point I know you have finished the marathon, so I can say congrats! Your time is seriously irrelevant. YOU RAN 26.2 MILES. In a way, I am glad I did not blog back when I ran my first marathon in 2006. I totally trained in a vacuum and felt no pressure to run at a certain pace. Granted, I could have used the support and encouragement I have now as back then it was just me and my Hal Higdon book/website.

    Anyways, congrats again - finishing is a huge accomplishment!!


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