Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh hey this blog is still here....

Okay no excuses this time. I really just didn't feel like blogging. I had no motivation, nothing to write about. I was just completely uninspired and rather than bore you with the mundane activities that consume my life ( I had oatmeal for breakfast!) I just decided to stop all together.

But that ends now because I once again have purpose.

I have joined the Under Armor's What's Beautiful Challenge. Real simple, I declared my goal and have 9 weeks to see it through. Under Armor has a series of challenges that need to be completed in those 9 weeks and I plan on document them here as well as on my page along with all the other things that happen with training. I really hope to make it to the finally three and be the new face of Under Armor, but am looking forward to this journey no matter what the outcome. So check it out! Sign up yourself! It's already been so much fun and inspiring seeing other women making a commitment to fitness and bettering themselves all around.

You can find my page here




  1. Hey we all have times that we need to take a step back! I am kind of surprised that I have continued to regularly blog because I feel like my life is pretty boring these days (work, study, run, eat, sleep, repeat).

    Good luck w/ this challenge - looking forward to hearing more about it!


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