Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My worst enemy is back....

That's right I'm talking about shin splints. They are back, ruining my life as usual. I was supposed to run 5 miles tonight but by 3 miles I was hurting and by 4 I had to call it quits. Sooooo frustrating but better to take care of it before anything worse happens. (re: stress fracture) So I'm sitting here with my ice pack hoping that I can get this taken care of asap. 9 mile long run this weekend and I reallllly can't afford to miss it . I've been working so hard, I really would hate to see all my training go out the window. Anyone have advice for shin splints? I've been icing and ibuprofen-ing. Tomorrow is 3 mile run day, should I go through with it or skip and strength train instead? Those wiser and more experienced in marathon training I desperately need your advice! I'll update you all tomorrow on my "condition". Until then I leave you with this.




  1. Oh that sucks that you are dealing with shin splints! I have never had those so have no words of advice... dealing with injuries suck as it's sort of out of our control. :( Hope you can get back on track soon!

  2. ahhh i missed ya! one day i will run. seriously.

  3. that sounds awful! i am so sorry! i am no m.d., but i think you need to fully heal up before you run again! EEK! be careful and don't make things worse!!!

    P.S. sorry if i sound like a mother!!!!!


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