Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Update

Hello all. It's been a very long time since we last blogged. I'm alive and well. Better than well in fact! As I'm sure you can imagine moving and getting settled in a new city, as well as moving in with your boyfriend and both of you getting settled takes some time. I really just needed to focus all my efforts on that and finding a job. When I last wrote I said that I was up for a job and would be finding out one way or the other about it by the end of that week. Never heard from them at all. I even emailed their HR/recruiters to inquire if the position had been filled, and never heard back from them. So perhaps I dodged a bullet on that one. I did however find a job shortly after that and I'm happy to report that I am loving it. It's a much bigger company than I am used to and I have way more responsibilities, but I welcome the challenge and the opportunity to learn and grow. 

Drew and I are doing well, and so far we've encountered no major conflicts. While I like the apartment we live in now, it is only a one bedroom and we both would like to have more space. So we are currently on the hunt for a house. It is proving more daunting that I expected. But we are on a month to month lease so we don't have any real pressure to find something quick. I want it to be something I love rather than just a place I wouldn't mind living in. 

So, that's been the happenings around here. Drew and I are are playing on a kickball team with some of my work co-workers this spring that I'm excited about. Also I've signed up for the Dam to Dam this year and hope to have better results and a non fractured foot this year. I've also signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon and am sooooo excited to tackle this challenge. It will be tough but I cannot wait for the feeling of achievement you get when you finish a distance race. 2012 is sure shaping up to be amazing!

I can't wait to catch up with everyone . I hope your 2012's are just as amazing!




  1. Yea! You posted! I totally understand your absence. Moving and starting a new job is alot of change! Sounds like you are doing wonderful, though. :)

    That is so exciting that you are doing the Twin Cities Marathon! It's such a great course! If you find yourself wanting to join a run club, my run club is AWESOME. Most are training for the TC marathon. But regardless, we def need to do some runs together! :)

  2. Yay sounds like you're settling in really well! Keep us updated as you explore your new city :D

  3. Glad you've settled and things are going well!


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