Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back from the dead: Update

So while I was able to save my blog by transferring admin rights to my new email address, apparently that doesn't keep your reading list or mean you keep following your blogs. So, I've been going back and re-following you all. I'm getting there. Stupid a-hole hackers. Also I've been working on my resume and job searching in Minneapolis. I know, crazy times over here. How many states can I live in before I'm 30? Guess we'll find out! Ugh, time to get back at it. How is it that I can talk up my awesomeness on here, but when it comes to my resume I'm like skills??? OMG I HAVE NO SKILLS!!!!!! Can't think of one thing to say about myself. If anyone has any ideas of things I'm awesome at please leave me a comment. I'd appreciate.



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  1. What a nightmare - glad you were able to save the blog.


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