Thursday, October 13, 2011

And when she came back for high school, all her hair was cut off and she was totally weird and now I guess she's on crack.

Holy balls it's been forever! How have you all been? What has everyone been up to, whats the cool jams? Me, I've been hitting the gym like crazy and am pretty proud to say the 30 Day Challenege has been going well. Had to take a few days off due to some nasty shin splints (barf), but other than that still going strong. Literally, my arms are buff. It's awesome.

In less awesome news, I had to change email addresses due to some hacking. Yeah biggest pain in the ass ever. I was terrified that I'd lose access to my blog, but I googled that for myself and got if figured out. So luckily here I am still! Wooo!

So I took a break from blogging because I was super busy and feeling overwhelmed, and I guess I wanted to test my love for it. Could it be something I could just walk away from? Answer is: No. I missed you all, reading your blogs, tweeting with you. It's definitely a part of me and always will be. So with that, it's safe to say I'm back and hopefully with some direction this time. That was part of my being overwhelmed. I felt like I was just writing aimlessly, just trying to think of anything to make a post out of. So time to brainstorm, get some new ideas and get back in the game! Can't wait to reconnect with everyone!

Hearts and Stars Cheers,



  1. um i want my arms to be buff >:(

    i'm just about to go for a jog on day 21 of this new.. be healthy thing.. day 21. that's the longest i've gone being healthy since i was on the high school track team haha

    and wellllllcome back.. i'm glad you are here to stay!

  2. Yay!! Glad you're back!
    Way to go on the 30 day challenge! I totally fell off the workout wagon and need to get back on :(


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