Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's hear it for New York

No I am not going to New York, nor am I there. However Drew is there right now being a hot shot and I may have been whining about it for the last few days. Can you blame me? I've never been. So he's been super busy lately, big company meetings and preparing for this trip and I've been missing our regularly scheduled Skype calls. However this morning I got this:

you (view from my hotel room)

I may have had to show it to a few people....and I may have gone back to it a few time throughout the day to get me through work. Whatevs, I know you're all slightly jealous right now ;)

In other news, it is finnnalllly starting to feel like fall around here. Woke up for my run this morning and it was 39 degrees. Most of you are probably cringing, I however was ecstatic. I can finally bust out my good clothes. I invest way more in fall winter clothes than I do for summer. Probably because I hide out in my house a lot during the summer avoiding the sun like the plague. I know, I'm a weirdo.

With fall comes my love of reorganizing and DIY projects. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is crack open a bottle of wine and work on a Pretend that is my second favorite thing to do next to doing shots of whiskey off strippers and partying like a rockstar. Yeah, THAT is how I spend my Saturday a rockstar. Maybe just a diy rockstar.

ANYWAY, speaking of DIY and organization inspiration, I'm on Pinterest! Look me up, Marisa84...just like my twitter. I'm not very creative. I'm trying to use it more, but please share with me your favorite jewelry organization ideas because that's what I'm struggling with most. My necklaces are a wreck.

Best Boyfriend Ever Cheers,



  1. Stop it. You're making me jealous. Seriously.

  2. yay that it's starting to feel like fall there! it started feeling like fall here a couple of weeks ago, but lately it's been so hot. i absolutely cannot wait for fall to really get here. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  3. :) that's soooo cute.

    a bottle of wine and some diys sound pretty great to me. but 39 degrees does not. i'm feeling too cold in this 60 degrees and it's only downhill from here.. boooo.

  4. best boyfriend ever cheers?! lololol! glad you are happy! glad fall his finally hit your area (NOT MINE! still weirdo sunny weather here)! and lucky you busting out the nice wardrobe for fall! whee!

  5. diy! diy! yay!
    thanks for the bday wishes :)


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