Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 Before 30: Camping....Like For Real Camping

So I have a lot of fun stuff coming up the next couple of weekends. Most importantly seeing a lot of Drew. The super fun thing I've got to look forward to is camping in Tettegouche State Park over Labor Day. Camping (for reals camping) is on my 30 Before 30 because....well.....in my 26.5 years of existence, I have never ever been camping. And here is why. 

This is my idea of camping:

I know I know I know you all saw me being a bad ass mountaineering woman in Colorado but here's the deal: That was about 5.5 hours in the wilderness. Not all day all night. Sleeping on the ground with possible bugs crawling on you and quite possibly the worst thing ever: PEEING IN THE WOODS!

No, I have never peed in the woods. Shocked? I know most people are. I would rather rupture my bladder than pee in the woods. I am not an outdoorsy girl what can I say. But, I"m determined to do this and to do it well. I may be a pageant doing, makeup/fashion obsessed, bug fearing ,river hating, dirt loathing, break into a cold sweat when on a lake, girl who hates sweating but I WILL successfully camp just as well as any Amazon who pees in the woods and eats bark. I WILL survive with out my concealer and bronzer and my straightening iron, and I WILL NOT call for room service...unless you can actually do that. Then I totally am. 

So this post was not a cheer me on post. This was a heap a lot of praise on Drew and send him good luck vibes and well wishes. He has undertaken a big task and is well aware of my camping/outdoors shortcomings. Luckily he is an Eagle Scout and I'm pretty sure Camping with Whiny High Maintenance Girl is like a patch they have to earn. No? Well then just keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

Camping Cheers!



  1. hahaha troop beverly hills!! i forgot about that movie.. so good.

    a beer or 2 or 3 might help with the shock of peeing in the woods :)

    i wrote a tutorial for painting with light a little while ago! for the ones i did the over the weekend i just did 5 seconds instead of 13 or whatever i wrote in the tutorial.. each person wrote their own letter (you have to write the letters backwards otherwise they'll be backwards in the photo!) it's fun :) http://alostfeather.blogspot.com/2011/04/try-it-out-painting-with-light.html

  2. I am not a girl enjoying adventures,for the fears towards uncertainty.I am not addicted to forest risks, just prefer the small rambles there,,hope for the more updates about your awesome stories...

  3. i'm sure you'll have a great time and just be sure you're facing downhill when you pee.

  4. well good luck. ay yi yi. i haven't camped since i was a kid, and i shudder at the mere MENTION of camping. lol. hopefully you have fun.

    p.s. the only way that i think i will camp again is if i would be staying in a CABIN that has a door that LOCKS! and/or with an eagle scout and a shot gun by my side. lol

  5. Blah. Try to have fun. We used to go camping all the time when I was little. Now? I freakin hate it and I can fully admit that I am way to high-maintenance for camping.

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  6. Hahaha, laughed my way through this entire post. Can't believe you've never peed in the woods!!

  7. aw, i just got caught up on your story with drew, that is really really cool!!!!

  8. Igot a B in camping in college. I'm not a camper, but can hang when needed.


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