Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Back From Colorado!

Hello everyone! Oh how I've missed you all and this blog! It's been a crazy week, and stressful getting back into the swing of things. (I think I need a vacation from my vacation!) But it's Friday, it's a 3 day weekend and I'm soooo looking forward to relaxing. :) I will write a proper post this weekend with details but for now I'm going to share with you my hike up Bear Peak.

Bear Peak is located near Boulder, CO by the Flatirons. It has an elevation of 8,461ft, the trail is 4 miles one way and the elevation gain is 2,829ft. That may not seem to crazy, but 2400ft of the elevation gain is in the last 1.8 miles. Thats right it basically starts going straight up. I was pretty proud of myself during the hike as we made pretty decent time and I wasn't dying. However once we reached that point it became climb 10ft, stop. Climb another 10ft, stop. And so on and so on. Luckily I wasn't alone as most hikers seemed to be following the same strategy. It was all worth it in the end when we reached the summit and I got to see for miles :)

 The beginning of the trail and the task that lies ahead....Please note that there is a trail to the trail head on which I almost died. I really was worried that I wouldn't make it after that.

 First elevation shot. See those ants..I mean people down there? That was us at one point!

 I started feeling a little defeated after I was told that was where we were headed. It looked soooooooo far away.

Second elevation shot. This lifted my spirits a little as I could finally see all the progress we've made.

 Thennnnnn came the hard part. And by hard part I mean death part. AKA the climb to the top.

 Somehow I made it up this shit. I don't know how either. Obviously I didn't look down the entire time because if I had a lot of crying would have ensued.

 And success!!!!!!! A very tired, triumphant me sitting on a boulder at the summit.

 A view from the top.

I'm on a mountain bitches!!!!!

And there you have it. Obviously we came back down...which was even harder than going up. I took no pictures on the way down as it was super rocky, steap and my only focus was successfully steeping rock to rock without slipping and breaking my neck. We made it down okay save for a killer bee that was after me most of the way down. (Thats right Zoli I said KILLER BEE. And it really was after me.)

Can't wait to catch up with everyone! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!!




  1. lol! Way to go! I don't know if I could have done this, but it would have been fun trying!!

  2. holy cow this looks amazing! i so wish we'd done some hiking while we were in colorado. have a great weekend!

  3. wow!! very cool!!! i couldn't do that...i'm so dull!! lol

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. AWESOME! seriously.. that looks like a really challenging hike.. awesome job! yesss.. going down is scarier.. it's a bit easier because you don't get out of breath as much, but definitely scarier, especially when it's so steep! your photos looke so great! :) welcome backkkkk

  5. Great post! Looks like alot of fun!


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