Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Beginning

So perhaps some of you are wondering how in the world I ended up with someone from Minneapolis. Where did we meet, how did it all come about? Well I'm here to answer that.

If you remember from this post I mentioned that Drew was a one of my very best friends from college. I didn't elaborate much more than that. I wish I could tell you the exact circumstances that we met under, but I"m pretty sure it involved being drunk and I"ll be honest I can't remember much from when I was 19 because of that. Anyway, Drew was in the fraternity next to my sorority and are actually considered our "brother" fraternity as our founder was the sister of a Fiji and a lot of our stuff is based off of them. Bit of Greek trivia for you. Drew, myself and our friend Spencer were pretty much inseparable, like the three amigos. All through college though I was literally just like a "sister" and they were my "brothers". We FAC'd together, studied together, went to Perkins at 2am together and took study breaks to DQ together. My senior year when I was competing in the Miss America system Drew was my personal notary public as all my contestant paperwork had to be notarized. 

So what changed you asked? We lost touch for about the last year and half, and then one day I get a facebook message from Drew saying he'll be in the Des Moines area for a Fiji event and if I'd like to grab dinner and catch up. I was so excited, some of my best moments in college involved Drew so I couldn't wait to catch up. The day came and he came by my place to pick me up and I remember walking out and seeing him and being like......whoa whoa whoa. Who is this? This was not the Drew I remembered, this super tall businessy looking guy. Where was the Beatles loving frat boy that would get following down drunk with me? 

After that day of catching up we did a better job of staying in touch and turns out he would be coming back down the weekend of the Dam to Dam. He also turned out to be my hero that weekend as I left all my possessions in cab and he successfully negotiated their safe retrieval. He was on his way to Kansas City for a conference that weekend and on his way back that following Tuesday stopped in Des Moines to have a drink with me. I'll never forget, when he dropped me off he met my roommate, and when he left this is the conversation that occurred: 

Roommate: Who was that?

Me: My friend Drew from college.

Roommate: He's really cute.

Me: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha. We'll call that the turning point. I was suffering from my stupid stress fracture then and was pretty much immobile the month of June so I didn't get to do any traveling then. Once July hit and I was fracture free, I was looking for any excuse to head to Minneapolis and thank my lucky bands, The Get Up Kids were playing the second weekend in July. And well, as they say the rest is history.  

So there you have it. How the former single girl who spent the last year and a half looking for love ended up finding it 4 hours north in the Twin Cities.  :)




  1. loves stories like this. makes me miss that tlc show "the dating story". don't know why?

  2. Great story! I just drove through Minneapolis on my trip!

  3. what a great story! it's always fun to know these little things about each other.


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