Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where Did My Weekend Go?

That's what I'd like to know. Seriously I had a 3 day weekend and I'm pretty sure I didn't accomplish anything. Other than a long run on Saturday in which I wore pants and it was the worst idea ever as it was humid as heck out. Anyways more about my Colorado trip. So when I first got to Denver we ventured out into the mountains...by car though. It was absolutely crazy. It was sunny and warm in Broomfield, then we drove through rain, and then snow. Yeah thats right I said snow. Also I saw signs that said icy roads. And plenty of these.

Yeah apparently people lose their brakes all the time because the grades are so steep and the roads so curvy that they burn them up going downhill. 

So after the fun of envisioning every semi around us losing control and running us over, we stopped in Dillon where I got out of the car to a temperature of about 35 degrees. Was not prepared for it. Had amazing views though.

After that we drove and drove some more back through the stupid snow, runaway trucks and icy roads back to the land of warm and non snow and stopped outside of Boulder at Boulder Falls where I saw my first real life waterfall. Apparently I don't get out much. F you Zoli. 

I thoroughly enjoyed driving through the mountains everyday. The views never get old. Anyways we ate dinner in Boulder at  a microbrewery where I learned my fate for that night as the delish microbrews and their high alcohol content combined with the altitude would  kick my ass. And they did. However I loved having so many awesome brews on tap. I kinda miss that. Here are some pics for that night.

(My wonderful hosts for the weekend)

  (Yay mini high school reunion...too bad I barely remember asking someone to take this pic)

To go along with the theme of not remembering anything apparently when we got home I got into the biggest argument with Zoli about the move and book Into The Wild. Because I kept demanding to know why there was a grown man on the cover when it's about a little kid. Obviously he had no idea what I was talking about but I kept insisting Into The Wild is about a kid and the giant puppet friends that he has. Finally it clicked...except that I was talking about Where The Wild Things Are. Not Into The Wild. Then I guess I fell asleep/passed out. Still, I woke up like a champion and went hiking in the morning. 

Post hiking Sunday, we decided to stay in as we were both tired and I was being a whiny baby about my sore shoulders from my stupid back pack and watched Leprechaun 5: In The Hood. Don't act like you're not jealous. I discovered that night if you mix vodka with Gatorade you can't taste the vodka. Zoli discovered that while drinking a whole bottle of Jameson is an admiral ambition, it will destroy you in the end. 

This is a little of my amazing last dinner in Colorado. Fish and chips at this place called Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub in Idaho Springs. Oh it was the most glorious thing I've ever had the pleasure of eating. And yes I ate the whole thing...and paid for it. It was well worth it though :)

All in all Colorado rocks and I can't wait to go back. It has inspired to me to take up mountain biking....we'll see how that goes. I haven't ridden a bike in....well I'm pretty sure it's been over a decade. First investment should be a helmet. Haha.

Have a good week everyone! Dam to Dam is this Saturday!




  1. nice photos! that place looks awesome...and very cold too!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. i am definitely not recovering well from our jam packed 3 day weekend. i can't seem to think straight at all!

  3. I love all your pictures! Colorado is such an awesome place, I could never get sick of visiting there! :)

  4. Love the pictures!


  5. What a gorgeous place - your photos are beautiful.

  6. well sounds like you had a blast!

    and the weather out there is BONKERS! snow?!? at this time of year?!?! NO THANKS! yeesh!

  7. Great pictures! My sister-in-law is thinking about moving to Colorado, so I may be making lots of trips there in the future...

  8. so much funnnn! except for the bottle of jameson thing.. poor guy haha

    the high altitude/ alcohol thing is pretty crazy. i had 1 beer with lunch while skiing in utah and i was no longer sober. same goes for flying. more cost effective!

    i love how dramatically the landscape and weather can change in mountainous areas like that.. it's so crazy!

  9. when I lived in iowa we would gather some friends and drive all night to colorado, (kansas...so boring) but yes, these pics all look so familiar to me!

  10. Colorado does rock and ya the booze kicked my ass there too!
    Sounds like you had a great time! So glad!!!
    I hope to get out there this summer to see my brother!
    gi gi


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