Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Just as I suspected this week is going by slooooowwwww. Which is kinda good because I'm not prepared for Saturday but I still want it to get here ASAP. Anyways here is my list of what I'm thankful for this week:

1.) Vacation

2.) Vacation

3.) Vacation

4.) Vacation

5.) Vacation

 (Hello Boulder! via)

Yeah it's all I can think about. That and the algebra/GMAT hell I've been in the past couple of days. NOT thankful for that.

What are you thankful for this week?




  1. lol amazing! enjoy!!! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. this week i'm thankful for...glee! yes glee b/c i just watched it.

    also thankful for my healthy choco chip cookies which i've been eating for the past 2 days. and and shoes! always shoes.

  3. i'm thankful forrrrr, well, coffee is all i can think of right now!

  4. i'm thankful that my motivation is back.. i've been lazzzzzzy.

    yay vacation!! ok.. when you can back can we press the fast forward button to my vacation? ok cool.

  5. cliff bars! i forgot hahaha.. but yes i do like those :)

    so my friend just moved to aspen and so i think that is my ticket to visit CO muahhaha
    maybe next summer.. i want to go in hiking season.. although skiing season would be awesome as well. hmmm.

    also. you are a runner so maybe you will know this. do you thinkkkk that if i can workout fairly hard on an eliptical machine for a full hour that i can run 2 miles without stopping? i do not run.. like.. running 1 mile is REALLY hard for me, but i agreed to run 2 miles with my bf on may 26th.. i think that agreement was the result of drinking too many beers and feeling overly confident (or confused.) but i'm scared now because it's almost may 26th and it's been raining so i can't test my ability just yet. ok you got me it's not raining RIGHT now, but i already did my eliptical workout today hahaha

  6. Have fun!


  7. did somebody say VACATION?! countdown!

  8. Hope you have a great vacation! Enjoy...


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