Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Haircut! EDIT!!!!!!!

Okay in just an hour I will be going with the bestie for a hair cut. Last time I tried Hayden P. and it didn't turn out so good. So I've decided to go for it get my dream haircut a la my idol the freaking fabulous Victoria Beckham.

(image via google)

(please please please let my hair look like this)

I am nervous because I want to do Posh proud and I'm totally up for the reasponsabilities that lie ahead with looking like Becks. On the list: lose 15lbs and look like a model, have 3 boys and still be ridiculously skinny, and own many many pairs of Loubies. A bit overwhelming but I can do it! Unless of course it ends up more disasterous than the Hayden P. cut and I go all Britney in the salon and shave my head. I'll update when I return...brace yourself.


Okay so here it is in the form of some really terrible photos because my camera is the mega suxxxx.

Obviously I've got some work to do to live up to the high standards Posh has set. Hopefully this weekend someone with a cool camera takes some better pics.

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